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    PUP Linkury - can't get rid of it?

    Also, there are new ones generating, so something is definitely up here
  2. bannedotf

    PUP Linkury - can't get rid of it?

    Hello Aura, here are the FRST logs and Addition logs you asked for. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Hello. I accidentally downloaded and ran a couple shady things lately, did a full sweep and regular - just in case scans on daily basis for a couple of days. Everything is fine except these two PUPs that I can't seem to get rid of. It is called "PUP.Optional.Linkury.Generic" and it seems that it has infected google chrome. Something tells me another hidden file is generating them, because whenever I put them in quarantine and delete them, they re-apper in the next scan. Uninstalling chrome did seem to solve the issue (the indefinite generating) because I assume the source didn't have anywhere to put them and run them, so as soon as I installed chrome again, it continued happening. The following screenshot I left the scans quarantined just so you can see what I'm talking about. They always appear in pair, and they don't stop after getting quarantined. What do I do?

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