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  1. Hey, Not sure if you saw my last post above due to the holidays, but I managed to find the first BSOD (when all this started), and it looks like the very first one might say something a little different.
  2. I haven't tried doing a clean boot on either system because of how long it takes for the BSODs to show up (this system around 5 days, and on the other system 7-10 days). It never happens right after a restart. After I try uninstalling somethings if that doesn't flush out what's causing it I might consider trying clean boot, but it would take a long time with how long in between the BSODs are. I also will look into the other forum that you mentioned. Then, as a last resort, I might go back and start installing the Monthly roll up Updates starting with the Month when my problem start
  3. Yeah, when I get some time in the next day or two I will uninstall it and see what happens.
  4. Just found another BSOD when I woke up today. WhoCrashed is again saying that it's iaStorA+877b8. 120517-19952-01.zip
  5. I'll definitely try uninstalling some things, but the whole reason I created this thread was to avoid having to do Windows7 re-installs.
  6. Okay, had another BSOD with Driver Verifier turned on again. Ugg, you listed 3 of the programs i'd really prefer not to have to get rid of. 112717-21512-01.zip
  7. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Been dealing with Holiday stuff. Should I keep Malwarebytes Ransomware & Exploit Protection turned off after I turn Driver Verifier back on, or is it okay to turn those back on? Also, I notice in the Event Viewer almost every time right before a BSOD there is an Event ID: 3 "Session "Microsoft Security Client OOBE" stopped due to the following error: 0xC000000D"" Not sure if that helps anything, but I thought i'd mention it. Lastly, in that list you posted above. The second driver "cpuz136_x64.sys". If it belongs to a program
  8. Okay, I uninstalled all MSI programs that I could see. Also, Malwarebytes Ransomware was already turned off. I went ahead and turned off Malwarebytes Exploit Protection just now to see if it might make a difference.
  9. Okay, had another BSOD on this machine today. RealTemp was deleted a few days ago, and I had the Malwarebytes Ransonware turned off. I just turned off Malwarebytes Exploit Protection to see if that is what's causing the problem. 111817-8736-01.zip
  10. Okay, finally had a BSOD on this system when I woke up this morning. It looks like it's saying that it's iaStor.sys again just like the other system. I went ahead and turned off Driver Verifier on this one now, but I didn't get another BSOD like on the other system during the restart. The funny thing is that I had already deleted the RealTemp folder from this system about 2 days ago. Guess I'll start disabling the Malwarebytes live protections now. 111717-13993-01.zip
  11. Still running Driver Verifier on this system as there's still not been a BSOD yet. This system doesn't get them quite as often as my main system. Sometimes it can take more then days for a BSOD to be triggered. I've also deleted the RealTemp folder just like the my other system.
  12. I turned RansomWare protection off before I left the house. When I get home I'll see what else I can turn off. I really don't want to have to uninstall MalwareBytes. I have two lifetime licenses, and I do really like the program. The thing that sucks is that like I said before. BSOD's usually take 3 -5 days. I never get BSOD's when shutting down. or restarting the system. So I'm guessing Driver Verifier is the reason the last one happened when I restarted after turning turning Driver Verifier off?
  13. should I disable MalwareBytes RansomWare protection right away even tho I just deleted RealTemp to see if stops the iaStorA.sys BSOD's? Could farflt.sys have been responsible for making the iaStorA.sys BSOD's also?
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