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  1. I can launch Battle.net on my pc, but when I go to install a game from the launcher it locks up my computer completely, I then learned after disabling Malware-bytes that now I do not have this problem, any suggestions?
  2. It fixed it for like thirty seconds then it goes back to saying that my updates arent current
  3. So I tried updating Malware bytes today and it could not connect to the server, I turned off windows firewall to see if that was blocking it and still nothing. Restarted the computer for just in case type of thing still nothing. I've used the log gathering program and posted those and a screen shot of the problem. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Here are the logs from MB check and the frst scanning tool mb-check-results.zip
  5. I have found a forum where it tells you to disable all other virus protection program, which this is the only program installed, I preform the clean install like the forum suggested. I restarted my computer, reactivated my licence, and when i go to update the database it just doesn't.
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