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  1. Tetonbob, Not at the moment. Had a tornado come through last night and we are without power for the next couple days I'm told. I'll post when I'm back up and running at home. Yes, I am running it via Steam. I tried all the standard troubleshooting steps. Uninstall and reinstall. Graphics settings set at the lowest possible values. Tried running windowed and full screen. Etc. Always the same BSOD.
  2. Same issue but with Fallout 4 right at launch. I hadn't made any changes to my computer since 10/29 when I last played the game. On the night of Nov 1, I started getting a BSOD at launch of Fallout 4. I've spent the last 3 days updating drivers, running scans, deleting and reinstalling the game and other applications. Nothing worked. Finally learned how to view the crash dump and it indicated farflt.sys. Googled it and saw it was from Malware Bytes, so I uninstalled Anti-Ransomware. Problem solved.
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