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  1. again updated from 3204 to 3206 fixed it ( after applying it turned on and stayed on after couple of hours and restarts)
  2. @dcollins im pretty sure its the package update issue.since after i updated from 3172 to 3176 web protection turned on again all good. but today again with 3204 it went down ...nothing wrong at my end
  3. after updating mb 3.2.2 to mb 3.3.1-3172 web protection turns off and wont start at all i reinstalled (mb cleaner>reset>clear all leftovers etc with ccleaner>fresh copy install) all ok after installation (mb3 but as soon as i update to 3172 same thing happens again ... it doesnt matter the ON icon or right-click menu or in options it just shows starting for a second then off again! its a weird update tho first downloading about 30 mb then applying but again downloading another ~35 mb i think something is wrong with this update havent had such a large package update ever 3151 works fine but outdated nothing disabled. so maybe a fix soon?!
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