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  1. Support asked me to run the support tool again yesterday and send them the logs. They contacted me today and now all is in working order at both ends. The activate key is no longer grayed out - I entered my lifetime premium license and key just now and all looks as it should. I'm happy! So, a big thanks to the MBAM Support Team and the volunteers here on the forum who gave me some much appreciated guidance.
  2. Even though I closed that trial popup I got the premium trial anyway - 13 days left!!!!
  3. OK will do ... 'Activate' still grayed out.
  4. Tnx Maurice and Ron, I have just completed the support tool process. MBAM came up offering me a 14 day premium trial. Should I close that and try to activate my license or am I supposed to accept the trial?
  5. Tnx Ron. I got a response this morning - my email address needed updating. It is now showing my current email in the profile. I was told to reactivate my license key but the 'activate' key is grayed out.
  6. Hello Ron, tnx for replying. Here is the ticket (I used a different email to contact support than the one I have on file here at the forum). Malwarebytes Support Ticket 2657236.
  7. The is the first time this has happened to me with MBAM. I have had the PRO/Premium version since 2013 on this CPU. When I clicked on 'YES' for the upgrade to 3.8.3, the upgrade ignored my registered premium license and I now have the free version. I have read most of the latest threads here on the subject (and those similar), and from the expert responses, it appears that I should not try to re-activate the license myself as it may exasperate the situation further. I followed the advise and opened a support ticket and included a screenshot of the email regarding my payment and the key ID/license info (ticket 2657236). In the email I asked if I should try to re-activate my license myself. Support auto replied with a recommendation to a link to read about 'license exceeds max. device activations on a windows device' which I found confusing as I have not received that message and 'myaccount' indicates that my license and key ID is already registered. That was confusing. Also, my question was ignored, so I am left with assuming that support will be doing something at their end to remedy the situation. Am I understanding this correctly?
  8. It looks as though I fixed the problem. On noticing the error messages for MBAM MoF/ WMI in the FRST files I sent you, I ran a couple of command prompts on WMI while I waited for a response to my post. Verification determined WMI was not running. WMI was consistent. Got it to inconsistent. The next command was to reset WMI. Then I stopped and started WMI. The MBAM service then started when I clicked on it. As you can see from the screenshot it got the WMI service running. Is there anything else I need to do? Thanks guys for looking at the files I sent. I should have waited, but I am impatient
  9. I ran tweaking windows repair in Safe Mode. While it was running an MBAM popup request to enable - I just closed the popup. Upon returning to Windows normal mode after tweaking finished, MBAM did not auto start. I tried starting it manually and got the message ' unable to connect to service'. mb-check-results.zip
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