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  1. Hopefully this vid could be of some assistance on this advice Maurice as provided.
  2. No thanks. MB wouldn't open after I rebooted from installing the new Beta. I ended up having to do a clean install to get things back up and running.
  3. Are you sure? As you can remember last week I found out my PC running win 8.1 froze because of the ransomware protection. I wasn't sure if the fix included in the new beta was exclusively for Win 10 2004 users.
  4. So far no lockups or freezes with the ransomware protection disabled.
  5. You got further than me once my computer locked up. My mouse was completely unresponsive. There was no other option but a hard reset
  6. I get the feeling this more was complex than my browser stalling out. My entire system froze and nothing was responding. I've been using Firefox the past two hours with Malwarebytes uninstalled and it's been smooth sailing with no issues.
  7. Only one tab in firefox was open. I was using version component 1.0.979. I had no freezes until this past recent update on Friday to 1.0.979. I''m going to wait until Tuesday to reinstall malwarebytes. I just want to test out if this issue reoccurs without malwarebytes for a short time.
  8. It was Mozilla Firefox. It did not show "not responding" at the top of the browser. I tried multiple ways to open the task manager to attempt to close Firefox but unfortunately everything was frozen. I forgot to add I'm using Win 8.1.
  9. I was browsing the web and My PC just randomly locked up as well. I had no other option but to do a hard reset. Found this thread so I guess I'm not the only one. I'm going to keep Malwarebytes uninstalled for a few days and see what happens. After that I'll install it back and disable the ransomware shield.
  10. I received 1.0.920 a few minutes ago but I have beta updates turned off.
  11. https://www.computerworld.com/article/3528771/with-a-fix-for-the-temporary-profile-bug-still-elusive-win10-1903-and-1909-customers-should-check-p.html
  12. while I was browsing the RealGM forums yesterday and today I started receiving these Malvertising alerts. I searched the domain through virustotal and everything came back clean. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/6a14bdba2b3e1f0b03db2c385b884c4c9ca4eb3d51183f0ef8a8dc52dae6f9f7/detection Could this be a false positive? MB Block.txt
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