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  1. You can defer feature updates. You have a few options.
  2. Give Windows 10 a shot. As long you're performing backups(as you should be doing with any OS anyway) you will be just fine.
  3. I'm also an avast user that experiences the tray app crashing(not often) on startup sometimes. I have all my exclusions for both. If I turn off the self -protection the tray app never crashes. My question is their any way to reproduce this issue to find a possible fix? While I hear you Avast is another layer of protection that makes exposing the self-protection more difficult. I still prefer to have the self -protection enabled just to be on the safe side.
  4. When are things going to slow down with these component package updates? It feels like I'm doing one once a week which seems like a lot compared how often we had them with version 3 which was like once a month.
  5. Yeah I don't agree with Exile. You should always manually check for updates atleast once a day. I typically do it every morning before I open my browser to check my email. This morning I manually checked for updates and Malwarbytes asked for a restart. Why? Because the component package version needed to be updated today. Yesterday it was version 1.0.717. After the restart it's now on version 1.0.718.
  6. The update function should have never been removed from the front of the UI in my opinion.
  7. You weren't alone OP. For about three or four weeks the (MB Component package 1.0.627)malwarebytes tray app was also crashing whenever I ran a threat scan for some reason. Was this issue identified? I've been using the Malwarebytes 4 Beta the past 5 days like LiquidTension suggested and I haven't seen any crashes during scans.
  8. Anyone know when the official version for 3.8 will be released?
  9. That's puzzling. MWB has added a bunch of new features over this years. Why does this one have to be plastered over the UI when the others weren't?
  10. Yes it's my preference and thank you for your understanding.
  11. That's fine. But I don't want or need advertisement in front of the UI. I want it removed. That's not an unreasonable request.
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