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  1. Hey, just hopping in again. My display driver hard-crashed to black and didn't reboot until multiple tries later. I'm unsure if this has to do with Intel updating, Windows, or if the hack contained a trojan. Can you recheck?
  2. Windows Defender has come up with a new detection from the same hack. I searched it up and it often comes up as a false positive for a cracked game or software. Still safe? MalwareBytes still thinks so, but it's always better safe than sorry.
  3. What are some precautions I should take before running the program? If is infectious, how can I clean my PC from it?
  4. Of course, here: hxxp://perfectaim.io/cheats/destiny-2/ hxxp://perfectaim.io/help/ hxxp://perfectaim.io/help/guides/basic-troubleshooting-guide The Troubleshooting Guide suggests turning off all User Protection. I asked the dev about if it's malware, he said that it doesn't make sense to infect customers, and that they have a reputation to maintain. I searched for perfectaim and couldn't find any negative press or if they're a scam. If you need a key, just PM me and I'll share it.
  5. Sorry for the top post. I tried posting yesterday, but it wouldn't let me, even with generic titles and bodies. So just pretend this reply is the main post: Is this gamehack a Trojan or not? If you're curious why I'm hacking in a multiplayer game, I just want to test it out, I have no plans on abusing it against other players. This hack is made for Destiny 2. The Hack comes from perfectaim.io; they seem decently reputable and looks like they are a legitimate business. On their guidepage they state that antiviruses will detect the Hack as a Trojan (Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.D!ml to be exact), Windows Defender also detects it as such. Users in their chat are also reporting Blue Screens of Death, but it's unsure if they're downloading whatever or if the Hack causes it. However, MalwareBytes comes back as clean. Hesitant all around. So I'm leaving it up to the community to decide if the Hack is malware or an actual product. And please, no pep talks. 0ek41IOm.zip
  6. Is this malware? Loads of details in the txt file (fix your spam detection)
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