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  1. This same thing happened to me today (11/23/20). Will it be fixed again?
  2. Sorry. I just realized that the pop-up is telling me what file to exclude. I did that and it worked. When you're dumb, you suffer. I still would like to know why Firefox is suddenly not trusted. Is there something wrong with it? I'm not on the Beta. I think version 57 will come any day now. I ran a complete scan and everything seems to be OK.
  3. Yesterday I started getting blocked when clicking on hyperlinks in Outlook. It happens on various emails. I get messages from Washington Post, Comixology, Nextdoor, etc. I tried putting Outlook.exe in the exclusion field but that didn't do any good. Kind of glad that didn't work. Don't want to know that I have to exclude the program I use the most. I've attached an example of the pop-up. Because it mentions "Website blocked", I cut and pasted the URL. That did no good either. That wasn't surprising.
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