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  1. In addition to this, I played around with upgrading the previous Malwarebytes build with the push to client option, and in the management console the shield shows offline. "Anti Exploit Protection Module" is off. If go to the PC, MAE is running fine and is on the latest build, Rebooted the PC and it still shows MAE is offline, but the PC has it online. I've tried removing the software with the Malwarebytes removal tool, reinstalled through the push to client with the same issues. Tried this on about 10 PCs, all have the same result.
  2. Long story short, we found out about a month ago that we weren't installing Malwarebytes Anti Exploit and Anti Malware correctly. Instead of following the gold image rules (can't be connected to the internet), we just installed Malwarebytes onto the gold image with internet and it's duplicated IDs not registering with the Management Console properly. Since then i've been tasked to remedy this issue. We currently have approximately 800 PCs. In Management Console under the Client tab, there is "Ungrouped Clients" and our OU group. For some reason, several of the PC's will show up in "Ungrou
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