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  1. It would seem that anything to do with Auslogics, namely Defrag (which I use) and BootSpeed (which I do not use) is being flagged as a PUP. There are 113 items as such. Why would this be as this is a legitimate application ? Thanks
  2. Good Morning, Thank you for the original reply and follow up. While I appreciate the suggestion of running FARBAR I've been in IT for 44 years and do not like running apps just for the sake of it. I would like to know why you are asking me to run it and to what end, in other words to achieve what. Those items have since been removed using the other app so if your desire to run Farbar is directly related to those items, they are no longer on the pc. Cheers
  3. I have been seeing some ads popping up bottom right of the screen. I have run MalwareBytes, Avast and Superantispyware and none of these found anything. A friend suggested another app (will not mention here as I don't want to sound like I'm promoting that) and it found 3 very quickly. Adware.SuperWeb 4 objects Adware.Surftastic 14 objects Adware.YTDownloader 42 objects Why is MalwareBytes not finding these ?? thanks
  4. I installed the Trial version with full detection on my Windows 2012 server. Within a short time I saw popups such as "prevented access to website" etc. SMTP 25 attacks Accessing the server via RDP and Plesk, and just viewing websites on the server pretty much stalled ! By this I mean the speed of displaying pages for the previous mentioned was about 1/3 the speed it usually was. It took me a while to think perhaps it was Malwarebytes. Exiting Mallwarebytes, the server speed returned to normal. Most disconcerting of course so I have not bothered using Malwarebytes again. A real shame because it looks great and was catching attacks. Any suggestions ? thanks
  5. Hello, Ability to enter an IP so that is can be permanently Blocked. Currently I am being hammered by a Hacker using brute force attacks on SMTP 25 and RDP. All I can do is watch your popup messages. But why not actually just Block that IP address so he does not get past go and no continual popups ? a) Block automatically b) all the user to enter an IP to be blocked.
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