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  1. Thanks Makes sense, guess i missed where endpoint protection wasn't available for MAC's. So on the MAC policy do i need to turn off 'Endpoint Protection" and just use 'Incident Response" or does it matter. Thanks again
  2. Thanks KDawg It was turned off !!, enabling it immediately got me an email with a threat quarantined. Ran a scan and now it shows as completed in tasks. Can you explain what turning on incident response does for my mac policy as opposed to my windows. It is not on for any of my windows policy's, if i do try turn it on for windows i get a prompt that it will turn off endpoint protection. Could you please explain what the difference is...Thanks in advance
  3. Anyone able to tell me why my end users are getting the following blocked? web Website Blocked OutboundConnection products.office.com(
  4. New Business user here...only had old UI for a week so didn't have a lot of time to get used to it before new UI was pushed out. That said, I agree totally with you with regards to a new feature being introduced...Tuesday end users had a silent blue icon...Wednesday they received popups galore about blocks etc! The amount of emails and calls i got about this sudden "popup" was way too distracting and time consuming. It really needs a way to edit / append the computer name (to add a user name or friendly name) or at least show current logged in user. As for it feels like beta...i agree !! <rant> I wish id have found this forum and read through end users issues before committing....i have multiple threat scans not completing on both MACS and PC's (tickets open)..some possible false positives that KDawg is currently working with me on. I've been a huge fan of the home product and advocate it to all my "peeps", so i guess for now ill bite the bullet and hope the issues get resolved. <\rant>
  5. Files uploaded. Do you have any input on my windows ones that are doing the same thing?
  6. My MAC users are reporting that there is no folder for NebulaAgent, only “Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent”.
  7. KDawg, I will get this done and uploaded shortly and reply back once completed However it seems i spoke too soon though...i have a handful of windows clients doing the same thing. Is there a different spot to upload logs to for windows endpoints? What is the path for the windows logs? Tony
  8. Hi Guys New business user with the cloud dashboard...deployed endpoints to my windows machines without issue. However, I have 4 MAC users where i installed the MAC endpoint installer without issue. When i create a task for a threat scan it never gets past the orange pending phase. Endpoint Engine Version: OS Release Name:OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 macOS Sierra 10.12.6 OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Thanks in advance Tony
  9. I agree totally with your suggestion, or at least have the Endpoint field editable so you can append a user name to it to make it easy to see at a glance who's machine it is.
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