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  1. I never said it went down today. I had issues yesterday and it was NOT a browser cache one. As i mentioned above i tried multiple computers and browsers to access console....even vpn to my home pc to try.
  2. what the hell....now i'm receiving a "down for maintenance" logo ! The email i received yesterday alerting me to scheduled maintenance said it was not happening till Wednesday ! "Malwarebytes is scheduled to update our cloud platform on March 8, 2018 at 8:00PM EST / 5:00PM PST. We anticipate less than 3 hours of downtime to complete this update"
  3. Anyone else having issues logging into their cloud console this morning? Tried multiple browsers and computers.
  4. @KDawg Can you shed any light as to why i'm seeing this after disabling it in the policy for my endpoints. Disabled it initially in the hope of freeing up system resources from MBAM. The policy has been in effect over a day and pc restarted multiple times since and also "check for updates ran from cloud console.
  5. Have you noticed even though its turned off that its still showing in task manager and using system resources !
  6. Turning that tray Icon off has helped ALOT ! even in the short period of time i'm testing.
  7. Yea, I don't have any users that "need" to do local scans assuming its auto protecting etc....i guess i kind of used the tray icon as a means to determine if endpoint was being protected or not as i walked the campus
  8. Yep...i was using the endpoints overview screen...don't seem to make a blind bit of difference as they do not have matching versions which tells me the check for update is doing nothing! [off-topic] Did i read elsewhere that you disabled tray icon to try stop some of the memory leak? Have you any luck with that?
  9. When you say you scheduled a "protection update".....do you mean a scan? I'm not seeing how i can create just an "update schedule".....maybe im just not seeing it !
  10. Just rechecked this morning...3 pcs online. restarted pcs..sent check for updates to all 3..task completed successfully....restarted the 3 pcs.....here's what i'm seeing now. STILL version mismatches.
  11. What do you mean by making sure your scan schedule is correct? Also the PC s get rebooted daily.
  12. Wasn't this already addressed and fixed when it first surfaced back in November? why is the issue reoccurring?
  13. It lists the blocked URL's in the admin console under "Detection's" (unless im not understanding the question correctly)
  14. Now that the cloud console shows versions....i have multiple endpoints reporting back different versions even after a "check for update" was run. see my screen shots....this is just 2 examples...i have many more.
  15. This is getting picked up again on my endpoints ! i still have an exclusion in place and still getting quarantined
  16. I've noticed that a couple times too....its almost like the GUI isn't able to "expand" to full size......when u launch a scan it opens the window you see and then is supposed to expand to this
  17. As soon as they realized the issue they stopped their update server so your endpoints probably got lucky and didn't receive the malformed update. Mine were not so lucky. Like many other i spent my weekend chasing my tail trying to keep our dispatch and server room online
  18. So to add my last response from support...."The endpoint is showing on our end now and so is applying the exclusions and therefore is working." I was never asked to produce any logs from the endpoint that was having the issues to "actually" troubleshoot the root cause, and so i'm no wiser what the problem was and more to the point, i'm no wiser 'IF" its going to reoccur.
  19. No new exclusions since i was told to add the reg key one by support. I sent screenshots of my exclusions / my detection etc to support. Here is the correspondence from support i received this morning in case anyone else is experiencing the same issue He requested a screenshot of settings and replied they appeared correct. Requested hostname of offending endpoint. Replied after receiving the name that it was NOT showing up on his end and therefore would possibly explain why maybe the exclusions have not propagated to this particular endpoint. He asked me to Please uninstall and reinstall the endpoint with the prerequisites exe package downloaded from the Endpoints > Add section of your cloud console. I replied that i was confused…as the tablet is currently up and running. It is also showing as online in my dashboard. so I asked : Are you saying that is not the case? He replied Its showing up now, were you able to reinstall? I don't see any hits for this reg key on the endpoint, but did see the capture of this machine you had sent. Now that this appears to be successfully communicating, we should no longer be getting hits for excluded items. I replied: No, I haven’t changed anything on my end, that is why I responded with the fact it was showing as online……as I was concerned that if it was showing online on my end, but not yours, how many others were effected. So are you sating that this endpoint had not been communicating successfully until just now.? (when I’ve changed nothing on my end) and that's where we are at currently ! so i'm none the wiser as to what happened.
  20. Back on 10/31/17 i had bunch of tablets get detected for the following: HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\APP PATHS\CMD.EXE after getting with support and submitting reg keys etc i was confirmed it was not malware...and it was suggested i add an exclusion...i did Today its getting detected again....same exact path. What gives??
  21. This is the screen my end users get if the scan is initiated by them at the endpoint
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