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  1. Hello @torrey I see that a case has been opened regarding this issue. I will continue to support you via the case you have opened up. Warm Regards,
  2. Hello @torrey, In that case, you'll just want to run the full installer with all items checked. It will notice the products already installed and skip them. Warm Regards,
  3. Hello @torrey, Can you try an uninstall and redeploy to this endpoint to see if it works on the second time. Warm Regards,
  4. Hello @torrey When looking at your Management console's client tab, are you seeing the 3rd icon for Anti-Ransomware in the client list? Is that icon on any of the endpoints? Warm Regards,
  5. Hello @torrey What errors are you receiving when you try to install the Anti-Ransomware component? Warm Regards,
  6. Hello @Tel Thank you, I am reviewing the logs, additionally, I wanted to know what was the name of the Browser Based Admin Monitors you were using was. Warm Regards,
  7. Hello @Tel Just to ask, are you seeing detections in your console or popups when attempting to run these Admin Monitors? I'd like to have you replicate the issue, and then collect the following logs from one of the endpoints that is experiencing this. Please see the link below for instructions on how to collect the logs for analysis. Managed Client Logs: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1072 Warm Regards,
  8. Hello @neurotico In order to stop Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection on a computer, simply hold "CTRL" + Right-Clicking the Tray Icon. This will give you the option to stop the Malwarebytes Service. Warm Regards,
  9. Hello @j_french After verifying that the above setting is enabled, lets have you try restarting the endpoint to verify that the update completes. Please let us know if the endpoint updates to the version. Warm Regards,
  10. Hello @cgh I just wanted to let you know that I have reached out to my Web Protection Team regarding the block you received and will reach back out to you once I have some additional information. Warm Regards,
  11. Hello @PastorEd I see you were having some difficulties with a macro that you were running on your endpoint. Based on the nature of this, I will be opening up a support case and send you an email in order to collect some additional information. Warm Regards,
  12. Hello @ScalarMikeman I just wanted to reach out and let you know that this is a known issue that our engineering team is aware of and have recently sent out and update to resolve this. Endpoints should be getting this on their own in due time. Warm Regards,
  13. Hello @DrHypno As @Porthos has mentioned, Malwarebytes subscriptions are sold based on the number of endpoints you wish to protect and will work regardless if the endpoint is a desktop or laptop. Are these endpoints you are trying to protect for your home computers, or Business endpoints? Warm Regards,
  14. Hello @REGITDept Thank you for the information, I have passed this to our internal research team. As we don't have that file readily available, I will need to wait until I hear back from the team. Warm Regards,
  15. Hello @Rossomike1966 I just wanted to let you know that the webblocks for have been removed and should be effective shortly. Warm Regards,
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