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  1. Hello @REGITDept Thank you for the information, I have passed this to our internal research team. As we don't have that file readily available, I will need to wait until I hear back from the team. Warm Regards,
  2. Hello @Rossomike1966 I just wanted to let you know that the webblocks for have been removed and should be effective shortly. Warm Regards,
  3. Hello @Rossomike1966 As you are using the standalone business products which are part of the Malwarebytes Endpoint Security, (MBES Suite) that version is on the 1.X platform. The consumer version, and Endpoint Protection, the cloud version are the only ones that use the 3.x Platform. Warm Regards,
  4. Hello @Rossomike1966 @exile360 is correct in that there is no method to exclude Web addresses, however you can exclude IP addresses by going into the "Ignore List" and adding in the IP address you would like exclude. Please see the screenshot below. I have also sent in a request to our "web protection" team to review the website. Upon their review, they may be able to unblock the site globally. I can see however that we are not blocking the site "www.rarbg.to"
  5. Hello @GDN I have the case you opened with this and will continue to assist you via the case. Warm regards,
  6. Hello @RaduB In order to be able to create exclusions, a the user has to have Super Admin Privileges, not just Administrative Privileges. Warm Regards,
  7. Hello @Ninehundred The information provided by @exile360 above is correct. For more information of the different layers of protection that are used by Malwarebytes, you can check out page 19 of the cloud Admin guide, which goes into a little more detail about the different layers of protection. Specifically for use with a file server, your team should be using our cloud product, Endpoint Protection. Cloud Admin Guide: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1802 Warm Regards,
  8. Hello @WreckedByEmotet In addition to that folder path, you can collect all the logs by holding "Control" and "Right-Clicking" the Blue M in the tray icon. This will present you with an option to Generate Diagnostic logs in a zipped folder to the desktop. Warm Regards,
  9. Hello @wcalla I see that you were having some difficulties with the Discovery and Deployment tool. I'd like to have you uninstall it from your endpoint and then download a fresh copy from your cloud console. Please see the screenshot below for more detail on where to download a fresh copy. Warm Regards,
  10. Hello @tdoubleu I see that you were having some difficulties with an endpoint not updating. The endpoints should be checking in to auto-update, however if it is not, there are a few things we can try. First, you will want to ensure that the endpoint is showing up online in the cloud console represented by a green circle, to the left of the endpoint name under "Manage Endpoints." If it is reporting as online, select the check box to the left of that circle, and then click "Actions" in the top right, and click "Check for Protection Updates" in the drop down box. Please see the screenshot below. If the endpoint is not showing as updated after that, you'll want to try uninstalling via our MBST Uninstall utility (Linked Below) and then redeploying as that will ensure that the latest version gets installed on the endpoint. MBST CLI Utility: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2333 Warm Regards,
  11. Hello @RocksysIT I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I will be responding to you via a ticket that was opened up regarding this issue. Warm Regards,
  12. Hello @MagCCB At this time, there is not a public location for issues such as this. Warm Regards,
  13. Hello @MagCCB I just wanted to reach out and let you know that this is a known issue in which our Nebula team is actively working towards a solution. Warm Regards,
  14. Hello @ArmandoR I just wanted to let you know that in order to continue troubleshooting, I have created a case and send you instructions on how to collect some logs necessary for analysis. Warm Regards,
  15. Hello @ArmandoR Can you show an example of where you are seeing "unregistered?" Warm Regards,
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