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  1. No more questions Thank you for all the help! You're awesome
  2. Scan completed. Nothing detected. Thank you so much!
  3. The .tmp pop up went with the automatic restart from the Fix. It appears that you have cracked the case xD Thank you so much for the help! Do advise if there's anything I should be wary of going forward
  4. Sure thing! I have attached the log below. Should I run another scan to double check? Seems to be working so far Fixlog.txt
  5. Sure thing! Thanks for the help I have attached the new scan logs below Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Hi there! Doesn't seem to have mitigated it :(. The notification is still coming in for some reason. I have attached the log below Fixlog.txt
  7. Yeap I have a USB flash drive. Has 56.9 GB of free space
  8. Hi there! I've located the previous scan and attached it below. Thank you! Malwarebytesscan281017.txt
  9. Hello Aura! Thank you for helping I had tried scanning it once with Malwarebytes around 16 hours ago, it located around 600 instances of "Riskware.Bitcoin Miner" and "Trojan.BitcoinMiner.AI". Sadly I did not manage to safe that log. I just did another scan and it quarantined two more instances. Unfortunately, the loop is still occuring for some reason. Thank you! Benjamin Malwarebytesscan291017.txt
  10. I believe I have a virus on my computer that causes an infinite loop of "how do you want to open" .tmp files that leads to a krk.tmp file that is not on the system. I have attached the FRST.txt and Addition.txt below. This file appears to have bypassed Malwarebytes antivirus and Adwcleaner. Help would be appreciated, thank you! Addition.txt FRST.txt
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