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  1. I just ran the support tool I saw below, ALL is fixed now, ignore this... but TY anyways! 🙂
  2. them back on.... HELP, please? Please tell me what info to share, or what I need to do, TY
  3. OHHHH, i see "deactivate" after I logged into "my account," so, based on your suggestion, I'll deactivate it first, then, if need be, d/l the 14 day trial while I sort through this. My main concern was just verifying that I won't lose it, since I see I won't I can get this sorted w/in 14 days... TY!
  4. I HAVEN'T done it yet (planning to do it later tonight), how do I deactivate (first), please?
  5. Just want to make sure, or do I need to do something specific, or do I lose everything? I still have my activation code (good till June), but I just want to check first, thanks
  6. I did it this morning TYVM, it worked perfectly @Porthos ,Awesome, I think I can do that, TY :-)
  7. Just tried, here's the error message I got: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.192] (c) 2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\owner>sc delete mbamwebprotection [SC] OpenService FAILED 5: Access is denied. C:\Users\owner> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did I do something wrong?
  8. Will try... as directed. Just to fill in a blank which MAY answer my question w/o even knowing this, I had a Yearly subscription to Avast which expired yesterday, and then today I searched for "best free antivirus" and Bitdefender seemed to rank a tad higher than Avast, so I d/l BD today, for the first time. I also had a subscription to Avast Cleanup which is about to expire, so I started running it earlier (before work) HOWEVER it really slowed down my PC while "cleaning
  9. I think I did this right... THANKS IN ADVANCE Mr/Ms/Mrs Porthos, or, anyone else that can help. mb-check-results.zip
  10. For the 3rd or 4th time, Real time turned off this morning... HELP (please)
  11. YES, that worked for me as well; both times the Protection "turned off" the answer was reinstalling; wks perfectly now, TY
  12. You responded same time I did; OK, doing that now, will update you, TY
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