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  1. Here it is. If you don't mind please also tell me what the problems are and/or what changes would i be needing. FRST.txt
  2. This is additional information on what I attempted in the few days I couldn't get into my computer. I found these suggestions on the internet but have no clue what they actually do. It may have affected my computer. 1. I used command prompt to and typed the following commands: bootrec.exe/rebuildbcd bootrex.exe/fixmbr bootrec.exe/fixboot I also ran chkdsk d: and apparently there were certain errors found so I followed instructions and typed chkdsk d: /f which changed something but I have no idea what. It didn't help. I ran chkdsk x: on command prompt too and it sa
  3. A few days ago I encountered a problem where I got stuck on automatic repair loop on my desktop. It began after I shutdown my computer, only to realise minutes after leaving that it was still turned on. I returned to find it at the page that says "Your PC did not start correctly". Since then I have been unable to get into my computer, repeatedly being directed to that page. Ive tried restarting, startup repair, and even system restore but none of it works. SrtTrails.txt says that the root cause is a corrupted mbamswissarmy.sys and I found out it was something to do with malwar
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