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  1. Often times, when a "lifetime" subscription is purchased, the "lifetime" comes to an end after a number of years or span of time because a "lifetime" is really hard to define. Is that your lifetime? Or perhaps one of the staff at Malwarebytes lifetime? Perhaps it's for eternity. I'm sure terms and conditions included in your original purchase outlined the parameters of "lifetime" for Malwarebytes' purposes. These guys do incredible work keeping us all safe. Perhaps after however many years you've benefited from their hard work, dedication and efforts a small contribution of $20-30 woul
  2. When I activate safe browsing scanner, I'm directed to enable accessibility for Malwarebytes. Once done, I receive a screen that says the following: So with that: 1. Do I need to make a choice between having an encrypted phone OR using safe browsing? (maybe I'm missing something) 2. If it is the case that I must choose between the two, is Malwarebytes covering me in the same way that my phone's encryption does? 3. Is there a way to circumvent this? (I'm not rooted) 4. Or, will my phone still be encrypted, not using the screen lock for enhancement, in which
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