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  1. Hi guys its been a long time since I posted. 

    I was hoping the Malwarebyes team can help me yet again as hey have done for many many years. I have seen allot of encouraging posts of guys posting here in the past and getting direct hands on assistance with locating and removing pesky malware that has managed to install on an android device.

    I have what I believe is highly likely to be malware on a brand new samsung A7 phone i just ordered from samsung directly.... It is causing allot of problems.


    The pages move by themself, the notifications tab at the top of the screen jumps up and down by itself. Screen will scroll webpages and instagram on its own allot.


    Also when i try yo clear the google cookies, cache and temp files etc, basically everything ticked to delete....it keeps showing this message


    Clear Site Storage? this will clear data for all sites, including




    Now no matter how many times I delete everything in privacy settings of chrome browser, and clear the cache from app settings and also factory rest the phone twice......these two links still will show up whenever i try to clear chrome browser!  (i do not know if this is the malware)

    I am unsure if an application downloaded and installed itself in the background, I have been to many sites, but none I would expect problems from.


     I do not know if the above is the cause however.


    I deleted all the apps when i factory reset (yes i also deleted the cache) , and i made sure then when I restored my files from the samsung backup, i did not select apps encase one was infected. So i only restored contacts, notes, everything else etc. I then reinstalled the safe and commonly used apps from the playstore directly, facebook, insta, snapchat etc etc.... I then selected to delete my backup from samsung to ensure all the apps in that backup before the factory reset are erased. I then did a new backup with the freshly installed apps installed after the factory restore. 


    To clarify i have not rooted the device, I have run it as is without any modifications straight from the samsung factory.....ive only had it for 3 weeks!! 


    This virus whatever it is is driving me absolutely insane.


    Really hope someone can help me solve this mystery.


    Love K x 


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