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  1. Hi @mbam_mtbr Thank you for your message, I am doing it right now for you. Wont be long! Thanks K
  2. Also I have already tried and run Malwarebytes for android after doing an update first, and also selecting deep scan. Nothing was detected, whatever it is appears to of evaded the Malwarebytes scan.
  3. Hi guys its been a long time since I posted. I was hoping the Malwarebyes team can help me yet again as hey have done for many many years. I have seen allot of encouraging posts of guys posting here in the past and getting direct hands on assistance with locating and removing pesky malware that has managed to install on an android device. I have what I believe is highly likely to be malware on a brand new samsung A7 phone i just ordered from samsung directly.... It is causing allot of problems. The pages move by themself, the notifications tab at the top of the screen ju
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