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  1. The problem has always been mobile. My MB premium on my laptop is fine. It's the new MB for Android. I'm fine waiting for them to work on the ticket and then deleting if they can't find the problem. I appreciate your help but it's okay to stop trying now. Thanks again.
  2. Sorry...I can't send you what you want, I tried and failed. No more...please. If they figure it out from what I sent (the ticket number), great and if not, I delete MB...this is just too much.
  3. I attempted to do that but since I emailed the screenshots to my laptop where I've been corresponding with you, I am not able to do that as the shots are on my phone (I forgot my password to this website and can't log in). Look, this is why I'm just going to delete MB. I will see if anyone responds to the ticket that was created and if not, I'll just delete it. Thanks for your time.
  4. On the 27th, I followed instructions to send info to MB, ticket #2115207. After that, Nathan said he would expedite it. I have taken screen shots and can email, but don't know how to post here. It appears my database is out of date but I don't know why it isn't updating. I previously had the old free version and it worked great but haven't had protection since downloading the new version. Can you follow up on the ticket number? If not, I will just wait to here from them. Thanks for teaching me how to do screen shots.
  5. I sent something last week with my phone information and someone said my complaint would be expedited. I believe it was done through Nathan. I haven't heard anything since then. Actually I sent the information and then told Nathan it contained my email address and he said he woiuld expedite it...I haven't heard anything since then. I've been waiting to hear something.
  6. Okay, I did that...thanks. Do you want the screen shot of MalwareByetes when it fails? If so, where do I send it?
  7. I gave up. The previous version worked on my phone and the new one doesn't. I've tried twice and sent the crash report each time. I am not planning on trying again as this is now over my head (I don't know how to do a screenshot on my phone) and I assumed the details were sent with my comment. Now I realize they weren't. I'll remain a customer on my laptop but am willing to accept it doesn't work on my cell phone. When I get a new phone, I will try again. Thanks for your time and assistance.
  8. Thanks I reported it in the device after MB crashed but never heard anything and deleted the program. I'll check out the link...
  9. No, it stops mid scan of files. No need to defend MAM...I appreciated his help until you popped up and then I preferred dealing with staff. Thanks!
  10. MAM someone named Nathan a Malwarebytes staff member is now trying to help me so I'm not clicking on your link.
  11. When I download the new version and it begins running, it doesn't get far before it locks up and says it can't continue...shuts down. I tried multiple times and reported it when the prompt came up to do that.
  12. MotoE Android Version 5.1 It tells me my software is up to date.
  13. Sorry, neither of those posts help because the point is that the new version will not work on my phone...at all! Thanks for responding.
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