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  1. Hi Jwatts, Unfortunately, there was not a solution found. I opened a ticket with support and they recommended to do the same things Dyllon suggested above. After a month of not finding a resolution, the device magically appeared but it's in the wrong OU in MMC even though in AD the device has not been moved at all This is happening to some of the devices that didn't show up at all in MMC and there are still a couple of devices that still don't show up in MMC. Thanks, Luis
  2. Hi Dyllon, I change the keys as you instructed (see the screenshot below), however, after I clicked "Okay" the keys reverted back to HKEY_USERS & KHEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Thanks, Luis
  3. Hey Kevin, I removed and re-added the AD query account but we still don't see some of the AD Objects. We've also scheduled the AD sync interval to 10 minutes and it has been over an hour since we apply these settings and the AD objects still don't show up in MMC. Thanks, Luis
  4. Hi Dyllon, Please find the information requested below: Thanks, Luis
  5. Hello, We have added some of our AD OU's as Groups in the Malwarebytes Management Console, however, some of our devices in AD do not show up in the console, even though we have confirmed the devices are joined to our domain, they are online and checking in to AD and they show up in AD. (See the screenshots below) Is anyone else experiencing something similar? Thanks, Luis Chavez
  7. We haven't disabled PUM detections because we want to ensure that if Malwarebytes detects a PUM that was not set by a GPO we are aware of it. That's the main reason why we added the GPO settings or registry fixes we have implemented as part of the exclusions list, unfortunately, they still show up
  8. Hey Samuel! thanks for the prompt response! I followed the exact format provided in the article posted by Malwarebytes but it doesn't seem to be working. I thought it was just us not configuring the exclusions correctly. Does this mean that there is a known issue with exclusions not working?
  9. Hey All, We've recently configured and deployed Malwarebytes using the installer package we created from the Policy in the Malwarebytes Management Console. However, for some reason, the exclusions don't seem to be working properly. We have several GPO's in place and we are trying to avoid these policies to be shown in our logs as PUM false positives. We found the following article: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1417 Applied the corresponding exclusions in the Management Console, however, as you can see in the screenshot below this is still not working Does anyone have any insight on how can we correct this? Thanks, Luis Chavez
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