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  1. There is a problem EVERYONE keeps ignoring in my post! I AM NOT ABLE TO GET THE SUPPORT LOGS, WHEN I RUN THE THE PROGRAM IT LOCKS UP MY PC, AND HAVE TO SHUT DOWN AND RESTART, SO THERE IS NO WAY POSSIBLE FOR ME TO GET A COPY OF THE LOGS, THE MESSAGE ON THE TO OF TE LOG IS NOT RESPONDING.. I need a way to solve this problem, windows 1909 will run this week so it will probably remove malwarebytes anyway,:) just wish someone out the can understand my situation and come up with an answer.
  2. hello thank you very much for taking the time to answer question. The problem is Iam not able to and install. the tool is run ibecause each time I tried running it it will freeze up on my pc, and have to do a cold reboot I have tried several times and the tool and does work properly on my pc. I guess since now one from support dept or the nice people on the forums i guess i WILL HAVE TO REMOVE MALWAREBYT3ES:(
  3. I got a message flash that auto protection has not started up, it will not start up. wrote tech support told me to run thier new software, which wend up freezing the PC twice and had to do cold roboot to get the pc up. never heard back from tech after i told their new software crashed. MY PROBLEM is does any one know of to i can get the auto protection running again. I am using Windows 10 and version 4 of Malwarebytes thank very much
  4. I accidentally deactivate my keyword, i did try get new license but no luck.. Does anyone know how to reactive a license key word, I have tried contact Malwarebyte but never never received any fix except will get back to letter. thank you for any help you can give. "I think Malwarebytes is functioning but not sure."
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