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  1. I was encountering exactly the same behavior as the OP, and the offline installer plowed through it for me. Thank you.
  2. Thanks, but none of this is going to happen. I won't be within 1,000 miles of this machine for another year. If the original report isn't valuable to you, then that's that.
  3. This is not a problem, just an issue report. I was helping my brother clean out his W7 PC this week. Malwarebytes got rid of a lot of cruft, for sure. However, when I ran Task Manager, it showed a running process related to BeFrugal. Malwarebytes did not detect or clean up any instances of BeFrugal in any of its runs. My brother remarked that he had tried to get rid of BeFrugal previously (most likely by hand and incompletely), but it "just wouldn't go away." The bogey task was a startup item, so I just disabled it there. I just wanted to mention that Malwarebytes failed to detect this malware-related startup item, possibly because the rest of the malware package was not present. Perhaps this could be improved, as it would be much nicer to have Malwarebytes get rid of the package entirely rather than just leave it around disabled.
  4. Recent reports inform that distribution websites for Elwaremedia player and Handbrake were compromised and their downloads infected with the Proton trojan. I'd like to be able to tell my clients that Malwarebytes for Mac will find and remove this infection if present. I don't get any hits for "proton" in these forums. Can someone confirm for me whether this trojan is identified by Malwarebytes for Mac?
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