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  1. Looks good. Did everything as instructed. Thank you for all of this! Without your help I wouldn't have been able to pull this off. If something happens I will come back here, but for now I think you can close this Thread. Maybe we will see us again in the future! Log: DelFix.txt sincerely, Simon
  2. Did everything as Instructed. Malwarebytes: Scan-MB.txt AdwCleaner: -Search Log AdwCleaner[S47]Search log.txt -Cleaning Log AdwCleaner[C5]CleaningLog.txt FRST: FRST.txt Addition: Addition.txt And if you need it, my Antivirus Scan: G DATA Protokoll ID 7.txt I hope this helps you to analyse everything! I won't download or delete anything other than Game Updates and Security ones, till you respond to this thread, to keep us synced. Thank you for all this help!
  3. Wow! Thank you so much! When I start my PC I don't get a blackscreen anymore, My Antivirus works again, Malwarebytes works again. Everything seems like it's working. Heres my ComboFixLog: I needed to make 2Scans because the first one got blocked by something at the end of the scan. Maybe the malicious files already got deleted at the first one, I'm not sure. ComboFix.txt I don't know how to thank you for this! I didn't need to reset my PC completely, because of your help! I will definetly buy the Premium Version of Malwarebytes, just to support this Free help and this awesome Community. Is there anything I need to do now? I've got the feeling that my System runs slower but that could be my imagination after a Infection.
  4. EDIT: I've deleted Malwarebytes with mb-clean. These are the results: mb-clean-results.txt I also deleted my Antivirus with it's own Installer, but ComboFix still shows the same error. Do I need to worry now?
  5. I've got a problem. I've read all the instructions and disabled both antivirus programs. But ComboFix still shows me, that the Protection is running. Should I delete all of them temporary?(If I'm able to) Thank you for the fast response!
  6. Dear Malwarebytes Team, I have got the feeling that I got infected by a Virus. When I boot up my System, I get a black screen of death. I've had this issue a couple of times so I did the things I always do: ✔Starting Windows in Secure mode (With Network enabeld) ✔Opening my Antivirus(GDATA TOTAL SECURITY)+Malwarebytes After I saw that both of them had a disabled Realtime Protection I tried to reactivate them(Malwarebytes even showed me a message that the Protection is disabled) I had no luck. They instantly switched back to OFF and my Antivirus just stopped working and said: "Components are missing, please update" When I tried updating it, my Antivirus crashed. After this happend I paniced and reinstalled both Programs (Still in Security Mode) Nothing changed. None of the modules that my Antivirus uses worked. ✖Realtime protection is OFF ✖Firewall doesn't work ✖Websecurity doesn't work ✖GDATA Scan doesn't work ✖Literally nothing in my Antivirus worked So I scanned my System with Malwarebytes. It didn't find anything and I was left confused. So I looked into my protocols and found a massive list full of: Website blocked(10Times) at the same time on the same day while I wasn't even able to use my PC At this moment I knew that I was infected for sure. The only rational thing for me was to load a backup. But it only showed a backup from the day those websites got blocked( and I knew that I had made Backups before I went on vacation) So I was stuck with my blackscreened PC, a not working Antivirus, and a malfunctioning Malwarebytes. These are the things I already tried ( I will also attach a .png file that shows all the programs): ✝ADWCleaner ✝mbar- ✝Hitman Pro (Test Version) ✝JunkwareRemovalTool[Malwarebytes](JRT) ✝My paid Antivirus (GDATA TOTAL PROTECTION) [Crashes] [Can't activate any Protection] ✝Malwarebytes (doesn't detect anything) [Can't activate realtime Protection] ✝RKiller ✝Backup My FRST Files : FRST.txt Addition.txt [German] I would really apreciate it if you could help me with my Infection. My Information: Male German ( can also write English) System: Windows 7 Professional NOTE: I can only interact with my PC through Windows Secured Mode (+Network) I will add a Malwarebytes scan too after I've got a reply from a Moderator, because the scan takes some time. SCAN:Scan.txt [Clean somehow] The pictures only show things in German. I hope thats okay. Thank you for spending YOUR time on MY problem, sincerely, Simon
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