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  1. Thank you, but he was helping to answer me. I don't necessarily feel like paying more if the only advantage is priority support... And we don't have near 20 devices. I think 10 is enough, or more than enough. I would be interested in solutions for businesses/teams that have features like central management, etc, just a little bit built in. Not as complicated as the enterprise solutions.
  2. Hi, does anyone else notice problems with viewing this site? https://www.malwarebytes.com/pricing/ It might be related to my connection, as well as Brave's underdevelopment.
  3. Right. So the the bigger question is: is that the only difference?
  4. I am checking out the pricing for Malwarebytes, and I see Malwarebytes Premium--"For Home" or "For Teams". Is the only difference between these 2 the priority support? Is that worth the $4 extra per device per year (with 10 devices)? Other than the fact that you can't buy more than 10 at once with "For Home"? Thanks in advance for any clarification.
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