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  1. Thank you, but he was helping to answer me. I don't necessarily feel like paying more if the only advantage is priority support... And we don't have near 20 devices. I think 10 is enough, or more than enough. I would be interested in solutions for businesses/teams that have features like central management, etc, just a little bit built in. Not as complicated as the enterprise solutions.
  2. Hi, does anyone else notice problems with viewing this site? https://www.malwarebytes.com/pricing/ It might be related to my connection, as well as Brave's underdevelopment.
  3. Right. So the the bigger question is: is that the only difference?
  4. I am checking out the pricing for Malwarebytes, and I see Malwarebytes Premium--"For Home" or "For Teams". Is the only difference between these 2 the priority support? Is that worth the $4 extra per device per year (with 10 devices)? Other than the fact that you can't buy more than 10 at once with "For Home"? Thanks in advance for any clarification.
  5. Thank you for the helpful answer. I am only using MWB on free trial, but thinking of upgrading our devices, for fear that Windows Defender isn't good enough esp with Ransomware, etc
  6. This shows up in task switch view, but there is no window to be activated. I can close it, and the icon in the tray goes away, but the Malwarebytes service does not stop. Is there a reason this is here?
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