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  1. @djacobson How do I extract the license key required in Unmanaged installation from the Malwarebytes console?
  2. @djacobson Thanks, this does help a lot. I think the unmanaged version suits my current use case much better. I will check and reply to this thread if I have further questions. Thanks!
  3. @djacobson I plan to script the process up instead of manually doing it through the console. This was kind of inherited from a predecessor and therefore do not have the original "download package"? Can you link me to the docs or post the on-demand scan switches here?
  4. @djacobson, thanks for your answer. What are the installation switches it accepts, is there any documentation you can share? Is there a way to schedule scans or run on-demand scans using CLI? If yes, can you please list it here or send me docs that list it out? I tried Googling it and did not have any luck finding it
  5. Folks, Are there any command line switches to script up Malwarebytes Anti-Malware managed client downloaded through the Management console? I would like to silently install and schedule scans through it. Thanks!
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