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  1. Ok, I'll be patient.. I did run Malwarebytes again, it didn't find anything! Best Regards
  2. BTW, I know the attack occurred at 03:40am this morning, (also) because the Mozilla.zip was created at that time. So I scanned all files on drive C: that were created in that hour. I found, now after the clean-up, three files: pluginreg.dat in the Mozilla profile folder, 1508809200781.eaa612bb-afda-4951-a093-1abeb3e3891d.sync.jsonlz4 in a subdirectory (datareporting/archived/2017-10/ and also there a second file: 1508809200927.2314ff81-a146-4ebb-a35d-9436ac7a497a.main.jsonlz4 When I searched for modified files during that hour (it gives me 19 additional files, location is C:\Users\*****\A
  3. Here you go, I attached a text file with the results. Thanks so far RogueKiller.txt
  4. Instead of a copy & paste I attached the log file. Thank you again. Fixlog.txt
  5. Hello Aura, so I would like to clean-up the system with your help. Thank you.
  6. Hello, so I had a weird error message popping up in my Windows 7 x64 so I ran all the available security tools, and I unfortunately found a couple of infections. The strangest thing was that there was a Mozilla.zip (with the content of the Firefox /AppData files) in my Roaming folder created last night, so I was wondering if my passwords have been stolen, as I save a lot of them in Firefox and I had no Master Password? I would be also grateful if anyone could check my log files, but I guess my system is clean now, only the Mozilla.zip bugs me..... Malwarebytes.txt AdwCl
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