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  1. Hi Marcin, thanks for the timely update. Everything works fine again. Just out of curiosity. Do you think that this malformed protection is in any way related to the malformed protection ClamAV rolled out yesterday, which brought their scanner down?
  2. Same problem as everyone. System slowdown Webprotection not starting Excessive memory usage Maybe related, yesterday clamav rolled out a broken signature (Vbs.Downloader.Generic-6431223-0), bringing down their (linux) scanner worldwide.
  3. @spatencb I can confirm it was working before the Fall Creators update and I'm pretty sure it's only Webroot related, as another software has the same issue with Webroot running, but turning Webroot off solves the problem. On the first startup of this specific software (and Malwarebytes) everything is working fine. If I close the software and start it again a certain problem shows immediately, same with hibernating/shutting down the system. In this case Webroot has locked down the application folder, so no one can access it. The software that gets locked down consists of multiple processes. Anyway, as of now I've uninstalled Webroot and turned on the Microsoft AV in addition to Malwarebytes and the problem is "solved", as I couldn't figure out in Webroot why and how this is happening. I will wait for a major Webroot/Windows update and may try again.
  4. Solved this problem for me. In my case Webroot, another AV solution, was blocking Malwarebytes updater. First time it works, second time it got blacklisted somehow and is not working.
  5. I have exactly the same problem after updating to the fall creators update. Used the cleanup tool, reinstalled. After coming out of a "shutdown" this problem shows, reboot fixes it temporally.
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