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  1. Thanks for the follow up, No I can say none of the machines with the update have had an issue with internet! yay! thanks so much for the speed of your responses and keeping me abreast of the issue. this has been one of the best support experiences I've ever had. thanks again!
  2. this is odd. on one machine i am showing but i am seeing the pop up shown in this link since 3.7.1 is a release i'd not expect to see beta messages like this on my other machine i have after checking for updates it does not see the latest version are you doing a slow rollout of this new version? and way am i seeing what appears to be a beta debug pop up in an official release ? or is the 3.7.1.x also beta ?
  3. I have installed the beta on 3 machines. I can say i have not seen a failure on them yet. However for me this was an intermittent issue so i'm not certain 5 days is long enough to say the issue has been resolved. I will update again if i have not had a failure in a few more days ( or if i do for that matter ).
  4. thanks for the response I have installed this on one of my machines. since this is an intermittent issue ( it would take some hours or possibly a day ) i'll update you with results in a couple of days.
  5. Thank you for the quick response, would you happen to have an eta for this fix?
  6. for a couple of weeks now i have had this issue : at some seemingly random time, the web protection module stops all internet access from everything. The first time this happened i rebooted and everything was fine for a couple of days then it happened again. after searching i found a few posts about MB web protection. so the next time I lost connectivity i turned of MB web protection and everything immediately started working again. after more research i read about a corrupted update file being related to this issue so i uninstall MB and reinstalled. (today 1/6/2019 ). a couple hours after the install (and update, and first scan ) it happened again. I have uploaded the output from the mb support tool. Please advise mbst-grab-results.zip
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