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  1. Sophos said the computer is clean. AND this machine is still functioning as normal. SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
  2. Dear Rui /Android8888, Hubby is nuts. The computer is still fine. (I think sometimes he has no idea what he is doing!) I checked everything today and there Zero crashing, hanging or bugs!!! So I think the issues with MindSpark & its companions IS RESOLVED. I have also given orders that any required downloads will be handled by me and HE IS NOT TO DOWNLOAD ANY PROGRAMS AT ALL! I think that will prevent future issues if MindSpark is truly gone. He tells me he only downloads things recommended by KimKomando, (Dumb!) He is Books, I am FoundMarbles online, here, and it is me you have been
  3. OK, ADWCleaner found nothing, the Malwarebytes website IS NOT getting blocked on this machine. The Malwarebytes scan is attached here. SCAN.txt
  4. Hi, Rui, The original problem appears to have returned!! My boss-spouse is presently working on (and screaming at) that machine. I should have access shortly and will download the FRST.txt file and Farbar and produce a new scan. The Malwarebytes website that is being blocked is on machine # 2 which I use when I can not get on # 1. The blocked website report is attached here. I swear, machine # 1 is making me crazy. I can not seem to get to a cure. The problems always return. I am really at my wit's end! (As is my boss) I have not yet checked for this particular problem on problem machine # 1.
  5. Just to confirm: My thanks to you for all your help! Three days running and all is still well and working. That machine had been bugged for a year! I'd do scans and clean ups and it would last an hour or two. This is the first time in over a year that it has functioned in a normal fashion. No more hanging and crashing! Thank you ever so much! I will never know how it got in. We have Webroot, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium and windows defender of course. Malwarebytes is always set for web protection. It all seems good now! Oddly, it sometimes block the malwarebytes website! You can see
  6. No, Home Base 2 is a database program for booksellers. However, I just went through all the programs PSI wanted updated. Many were from an old hard drive and no longer applicable so I simply removed them. I then went through the other old hard drive foldders one at a time and removed all that predated the purchase of the new computer. Then I ran the delfix and after all of that, I ran Cleaner and registry cleaner. No bugs, pups or pums showed up on any final scans. Today's efforts seemed to bring things back to normal. So, with crossed fingers and a prayer, I say, "I think we are indeed, done
  7. This is too depressing for words! The computer seem well until this morning, now its worse than ever! Absolutely every thing is "Not responding". Our home base 2 data base crashed 3 times in a row. Worst of all, we earn our living on that PC! Browsers are not responding for minutes at at time. I have the PSI scanning now as per your instructions. It seems to be taking forever! Obviously I never got as far as DelFix. Malwarebytes scan showed no threats. I am at a complete loss trying to understand what is bugging that danged PC. I am writing this from another machine.
  8. Have cleaned and reset all browsers, ran sophos and it said the computer is clean. AND it is working much better! Thank You Again!
  9. Does Sophos take a long time, it's running now but the progress bar is really moving slowly. I am on another machine while it does it's scan. I am assuming it is a slower scan than any of the others, is this correct? Also the machine we have been working with has 2 accounts, "User" and administrative. It is the user account we work on because it has (Unbelievably!) more freedom. When they chaned us over fro windows 7 to windows 10, this was the way MS set it up. SO, do I need to go into the other account tp clean and reset the browsers there as well? I am thinking the answer is likely yes, ev
  10. So far so good! The problem was not pop-ups. What ever it had installed was dragging everything on the machine to a crawl or else forbidding anything to be opened and sometimes a reboot would work and sometimes not. All documents, spread sheets and browsers are opening in wghat appears to me to be a normal fashion, now. Thank you so much for the help!
  11. I think this is what you have been trying to get me to produce. I do apologiseagain for my stupidity! Fixlog.txt
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