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  1. HA! That was the problem! It was just the wrong email address after all! ......and me being an idiot on the side. Thank you again O GREAT MAJESTIC FOX OF RESPLENDENT FLAMES.
  2. Wait, I just realised, I'm probably using a wrong email address on the MB website. I used to have a different email address just to register new programs that I would try for a while before purchase, eventually as time went by I never re-used that email again. Now to remember the password, I'll try that now.
  3. Hello Firefox, Yep I tried that too, couldn't do it, Thanks for your help and welcome!
  4. Hi, I'm unable to activate Malwarebytes 3 on a fresh installation of Windows 10 because, as I gathered from reading the forums, my licenses had not been previously deactivated when I uninstalled Malwarebytes 2 from my previous Windows installations. I wasn't aware I needed to do that every time I uninstalled Malwarebytes. I've opened ticket 2100261 with costumer support but haven't received any replies other than the auto-reply with instructions for activating MB3 the "normal" way. Obviously I've tried that already, as soon as I installed the installation of Windows 10 I'm using righ
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