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  1. The website blocked is linked to a bot verification task for one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange hxxps://www.binance.com The weirdest part is that this is blocked when trying to log-in using latest Chrome build but not when using latest Firefox one. Malwarebytes false positive.txt
  2. I'm not sure in which place I must put this discussion on the forum since I can't tell if I have indeed been hit by a real Malware or if it is a false positive. Just got the new Creators Update yesterday and today when I do run a Scan with Malwarebytes I got 9 hits with "Trojan.Agent.TskLnk" all linked to Windows SMB1 HKEY or files. Did a Quarantine and now system is clean. Side note: Zemana and Defender did not detect a thing. Question: 1) Is it false or not ? 2) If instead of Quarantine I delete the files, does that mean I can't use SMB1 anymore on my network ?
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