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  1. Thanks, I looked for 30 minutes on website for a contact email or # and couldn't find. MB should make it more obvious!
  2. Hi, I am trying to renew my subscription with PayPal. I get a notification that "We're unable to renew your subscription" in MB3. I click "Update Payment Information". I choose PayPal, click "Next". Then, "Update Your Subscription". It shows a message that I "successfully updated your payment details". Then, next day it tries to process the payment and I get another failure email. I have verified that Cleverbridge subscription is active in PayPal. Please advise, thanks!
  3. Today MBAE reported plink.exe as being malware. This file is a part of PuTTY and I'm pretty sure it's legit. The version I have is part of x2go which I've had installed on my PC for months. Attached logs and file. plink.zip plink.txt
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