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  1. Hey Kevin, Thank you for your thorough reply and sorry I'm getting back to you so late, had a busy work schedule this past week and as a bartender my hours aren't always the most convenient. Finally got around to installing and running all the programs you listed, attached below are the 4 logs you asked for, the fixlog, the Zemana log, the adwcleaner log and the MSRT log. Thanks. Fixlog.txt Zemana Log 2017.10.27-16.41.56-i0-t92-d3.txt AdwCleaner[C0] Log.txt Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool Log.txt
  2. Key Kevin, Indeed, that would be right, like I said before, I was rather wary to quarantine the 69 "Potentially Unwanted Products" in the event that (like with Spybot Search and Destroy and it's 'n-case' files that you shouldn't delete, despite coming up as spyware, or else it would mess up some of your computer's functions), one or more of these files may actually be a major function for my laptop. I did however quarantine and delete the malware that was scanned a few days ago, don't know why that didn't show up in the log. Regardless, following your advice, I quarantined the remaining 69
  3. Hey Kevin, Just call me Serge. Thanks for the reply. I followed the directions but am unsure how to view the MalwareBytes log, but figured it meant exporting a text log of the latest scan? In which case, hope I did it right, here are you requested logs. Thanks. MalwareBytes Log.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hello there, So last Thursday, I got a virus on my computer and swiftly brought it to Geek Squad to help clean up and fix, since I have protection with them. When I got it back the problems seemed resolved, but now a new one has appeared, that was not an issue before. Every now and then Microsoft Powershell will randomly appear on my task bar, causing me to have any full screen things minimized, but I won't be able to open Powershell in a larger window to see what it is doing. However if I close it through right clicking close on my taskbar, it goes away. But when I see things like powers
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