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  1. Malwarebyte is great software, as well as the support team. I always take care when browsing the net, so disabling this protection "should" not be a problem. Indeed I wanted to point out this problem. Hoping that the team will find a solution quickly. Thank you.
  2. I have already done all these manipulations, and more than once. I had already opened a topic on the dns problem, we looked for solutions with Maurice naggar (https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/262173-slow-internet-after-malwarebytes-4-update/page/ 2 /? Tab = comments # comment-1399218). The only solution for the moment is to deactivate the antiransomware protection, in order to be able to use the internet connection and to avoid the problems of the PC.
  3. Version malwarebytes: Update pack version: 1.0.28023 Components pack version: 1.0.1003 When antiransomware is active , an issue appear: DNS host resolution problem, and PC very slow to respond. The DNS issue appear too when a custom scan is scheduled. The problem goes away when the antiransomware protection is turned off and the scheduled scan is deleted.
  4. (In which section should I post my ticket ?, thank you)
  5. Ok. For the moment with the ransomware protection disable, i have no more "host resolution" and "slow pc" issues. The Pc run fine! For the 2004 version update, I don't think I can do anything until microsoft deploys its update for my machine. I will issue a ticket to support for this "pc slowdown" and "host resolution" issue when ransomware protection is enabled. Thanks for your help! Do you well!
  6. I just restarted the pc, disabling the ransomware protection and the problem seems to be gone. can I make the "real-time protection deactivated" notification disappear
  7. for the 2004 update i have this since 1 month:
  8. Now when I want to open malwarebyte, nothing happens, neither by the contextual menu on the taskbar, nor by double clicking on the taskbar icon, nor by clicking on the desktop icon. I am using Chrome, but the problem occurs with edge.
  9. a present quand je veux ouvrir malwarebyte, rien ne se passe, ni par le menu contextuel sur la barre de taches, ni en double cliquant sur l'icone barre de tache, ni en cliquant sur l'icone bureau. J'utilise Chrome, mais le probleme survient avec edge.
  10. rectification, some pages are not displayed, and a slowness on the connection appears. I tested by deactivating all or partially the active protections, the problem is still present. after a while malmwarebyte takes a long time to respond to display its main window or contextual menu on the taskbar icon.
  11. Le probleme semble partiellement résolu, les pages internet se chargent mais lentement. J'ai toujours l'affichage "resolution de l'hote" mais les pages finissent par se charger apres quelques secondes.
  12. Sorry, i was busy this last days. I post the Fixlog here.Fixlog.txt
  13. Ok, thank you very much for the explanation. So there will only be my passwords on chrome that will be deleted. That of steam, razer synapse and uplay will not be affected logically. Only browsers. So I'm going to run this cleanup script, but not right now. I have work to do. I'll keep you informed.
  14. I don't really want to run a command line file that is unknown to me. I have a vague idea of what these lines will do, and I wonder about the impact with my problem coming from mbam. My pc is running fine. I have never had any problems with any windows services, nor even with mbam for that matter except since the component update version 4. I would also like to have the detail of all these command lines in the Fixlist file. I agree to perform actions, unless they are explained to me in detail, and which have no impact on my windows installation and those of my software or my configura
  15. Start of system analysis. This may take some time. Start of the verification phase of the system analysis. Verification is 100% complete. The Windows Resource Protection program found no integrity violations. 😄 \ WINDOWS \ system32> DISM / online / cleanup-image / checkhealth Deployment Image Maintenance and Management Tool Version: 10.0.18362.900 Image version: 10.0.18363.959 No damage to the component store was detected. The operation is a success.
  16. the errors mentionned at 26/07/2020 08:32:50,8:34 and 8:47 , was when i had issues whith mbam.
  17. ok i'm doing sfc scannow, now. The webhelper is the origin software, for games. this is not important, and i think i have deactivated this. after the scannow, i do DISM
  18. I need to do the logs with mbam installed or not?
  19. This topic is 3 months old. I had solved my problem by uninstalling and reinstalling with the support tool. But since the last updates the problem has returned.
  20. Hello, I had the exact same problem. Problems of resolving hosts and slowness of the pc. Fast startup is disabled, I tried a clean uninstall and reinstall several times with the support tool, and the problem is still there. The only solution for me is to completely uninstall mbam, for now. I only use windows defender as a supplement. My windows 10 (64 bit) is: ver. 1909 - 18363.959. My system and my drivers are all up to date.
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