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  1. The extension blocks the playback of videos on youtube
  2. I have the same issue on chrome Version 79.0.3945.79 .
  3. Thank you for the answer. I am obviously waiting for a solution to this problem of compatibility. Knowing that I have always used both software in synergy without ever having problems. In the meantime, as a protection solution, I use mbam 4 and Windows defender on win 10 64bits v1909. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.
  4. I am not very satisfied with your lack of response. I had to fend for myself to find the problem. Ultimately, Gdata antivirus is not compatible with mbam 4.0. All this did not convince me to renew my license.
  5. The same problems are to be counted between mbam 4 and Gdata antivirus. The system froze and took a long time to answer.
  6. Hello, the same issue with KIS and mbam 4 exist with Gdata antivirus. I have create a post, but no response.
  7. as it seems that no one answers my post, I want to clarify that Gdata antivirus is incompatible with mbam 4.0. I uninstalled gdata and left mabam 4.0, everything seems to work without any problem. The pc is as responsive as before.I will come back to report.
  8. I restarted the pc by disabling the launch of mbam. I will stay at least the day to be sure that the problem really comes from mbam, which I'm pretty sure. Waiting for an answer from you.
  9. In task manager, the malwarebytes services appear, but in windows services it appear as stopped. i can't stop or restart this from task manager.
  10. When these slowdowns occurred, I stopped mbam 4 and when I wanted to restart a message it says "unbale to connect to service"
  11. After adding the exception files of mbam and gdata to each other, the taskbar and the desktop are no longer affected. However after several hours of operation, launching app, opening pages in chrome are slow, almost a minute waiting for the reaction of the pc.
  12. Ok i tried this, reinstall mbam 4 with mb support software. I would notify on the events that occur.
  13. very sincerely I do not really want to reinstall mbam 4, to still find myself with a pc no longer responding. In addition it would be useful to provide me with the list of exact files to exclude.
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