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  1. kevinf80, I spoke with a few colleagues and since I connect almost daily to my IT network, I decided to wipe the drive and reload. I was also concerned about posting CISCO IP addresses and user ID info from the office on a pubic forum. Thanks for your being available for assistance. Best Regards
  2. I was reading my Facebook feed using Firefox (v56, 64bit) and saw a story about the Clemson coach and so I clicked on the story. A new tab opened up and then the browser suddenly looked like there was a problem with the video card, the PC speaker started making a constant shrill noise, and a web login (similar to what you'd see with IIS or Apache) showed on my screen. I went to task manager, killed Firefox and disconnected my connection to the Internet. I then started Malware Bytes, reconnected to the Internet long enough to get the updates, then disconnected again and ran a custom scan on the whole drive (with scan for rootkits enabled). The scan came back clean and so I ran an Avira scan (Free version) and it ran for several hours and didn't find anything. Finally, I booted into safe mode and re-ran a MalWareBytes scan and once again, it came up with no detections. I'm always one to err on the side of caution, but I really don't want to reload WIndows. I am on a Dell Vostro with 4 GB of memory, 750GB HDD, Windows 10 (Updates current), Avira Security Suite (Updates Current), MalwareBytes 3 (Updates Current) Strange behavior on a website always makes me anxious about having downloaded some payload. Any suggestions? Move forward with caution or reload?
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