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  1. look at the attachment on previous comments this is getting tiring if this is all the answers you have what i have already done and I am not your tech support, I really work malware.txt
  2. reading the forum when I would assess more issues besides mine on blocking programs seems easy just block all..and go on
  3. yes after I enter it ot the exclusion list I went to reload and it blocked the file but it only let's my anti virus program operate that was in my exclusion list prior to the update ...please I do have some common sense about computers and and so on so I am still waiting for the Malware genius crew for help .....
  4. already done that and it is still blocking it and removing the file so what is next ??? gee that what I waited for
  5. MY WINASO is being blocked and removed no spam or malware malware.txt
  6. as soon my subscription was renewed it removed my maintenance program WINASO I proceeded to enter the program in the exclusion list but it will not let it reload only started removal upon renewing subscription and program updated had program downloaded from direct webpage from WINASO ....attached file malware.txt
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