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  1. Please close this, I have managed to re-install and running without the bluescreen with malwarebytes Thank you.
  2. Before installation Malwarebytes, the earlier version works with the rest of my AVs, anti malware software, anti spyware software. So is this version crashing my windows. As for Killer suit, the wifi is disabled and the lan is not in used. The setting didn;t change so it have no impact. Please advise can I install a older version or you have beta version?
  3. Just to share, the Malwarebytes support tools, also giving me BSOD after outputting the zip file. So I have to remove manually from the C drive. Attached is the file. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Malwarebytes cause BSOD on windows 10. It keeps happening every time system startup and then going into BSOD, it restart then go to BSOD. I keep going BSOD every time it start several times(restart as BSOD over too many time). I have to remove it in safe mode(without network). Safe mode with network, the system still go into BSOD.
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