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  1. is this a recent issue with the 3.2.2 ver. of this program? Up until I updated, it would take 30ish min to complete a full scan w/ rootkit, now it takes 1hr-1hr:15min.
  2. Hello again, I was looking some stuff up about COM surrogate and found out its legit, i thought it was weird since i've never seen it before. I then see its connected to dllhost.exe, i looked up dllhost.exe out of curiosity, and some people say you should only have one dllhost.exe located at c\windows\system32 i have this: https://imgur.com/a/LVeGb i'm on windows 10, is this normal to have 4? like i said some places online said you should only have one located at system32 windows folder, just want to know if this is completely fine. i have scanned a few times recently and haven't come up with any malware so i don't think i'm infected, just wanted to know if its normal to have 4 dllhost's instead of 1 as stated in some online forums. thanks to anyone who can give me some info about this!
  3. I got the KB4041676 update last night, although my malwarebytes was fine. I upgraded my windows at around midnight, but earlier in the day yesterday i got an update for malwarebytes, and ever since then, custom full scans with rootkit enabled is taking 1hr+ and it gets stuck on one file. Before these updates, it would take 30 or so minutes for this type of scan. i assume these updates just messed some stuff up, which really sucks.
  4. edit #4: i came across this thread, and it's similar to my issue. although he has had 2 different files be stuck for him, i've only had the one mentioned above, also the time of his file being frozen was only 20-30 min. mine went up to 2hrs before i cancelled the scan. is this the same issue as my case? thank you to anyone who reads all this and can shed some light on this issue.
  5. Hello! Last night my Malwarebytes had a pop up that said there was a new version so i downloaded it. It's on 3.2.2 right now First off, I have no reason to believe i have malware. I've ran scans with Malwarebytes, Windows Defender, and HitmanPRO, everything came back with 0 results. Before this upgrade to my malwarebytes from yesterday, my full scan including rootkit scan would take 30-40 minutes tops, ever since the upgrade it scans for an hour and i see the number of items scanned go up, but it always stops at a file in c:\windows\winsxs. as you can see in this image, this is the file it always stops at https://imgur.com/a/ZJqUn I don't know if its frozen, but i assume the program is not frozen because i still see the elapsed time counter go up, as well as the malwarebytes program still responding fine, it's just stuck at scanning that file and it's kinda sketching me out. UPDATE: as i'm typing this post, my scan completed in 1hr 12mins after being stuck at scanning the file in the image above for about 20 min. Does anyone know what is causing this? This is the first time it's completed out of the last 5 full scans i've ran since my malwarebytes updated. All the other full scans including rootkit would scan for about an hour, then stop at that file shown in the image above for another 1-2hrs. every time it would get stuck at that file for a very long time, i would cancel the scan and restart it just to see if it would complete the next time and today is the first time it has completed in 1hr and 12min. and for my computer, that seems a little wrong because it's a 4 month old computer with really good specs and scans with the same settings (rootkit always included) would only take 30-40minutes before the update. Windows also had an update last night, update: KB4041676, could this have something to do with the absurd scan time on one file? any help would be appreciated, and like i said i have no reason to believe i am infected, i would just like to know why this happened. thank you to anyone who can help edit: last night while doing research, i saw admins mention running a scan disabling rootkit scanning, and so i did a full scan without rootkit enabled. that scan would completed very quickly, about a 5minute FULL scan on my C and D drive. I don't have much on my D drive, and my C drive is for windows and a few programs/games. When i updated my malwarebytes last night, it gave me a 14 day premium trial, and today i disabled premium and went back to FREE version, and today is the first time my full scan with rootkit scan completed, don't know if that has anything to do with it but thought i'd just mention it. edit #2: I'm also currently running another full scan to see if it completes again in an hour or so without it stopping on that one file for a very long time. edit #3: last night I also downloaded the standalone anti-rootkit beta and that also came back with no malware.
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