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  1. Hello everyone, I use for more than 1 year Cloud console with NFR licenses to test the protection of 5 computers. I am very disappointed with the product and I would like to have some answers to my questions 1 - the antivirus interface on the user side is poor: No statistics, impossible to know the date of the last exchange between the endpoint client and the console (more access for several months without any warning on the cloud console side) 2 - I deliberately caused an infection on my computer to see the reaction on my computer and the endpoint client did not say anything. Yet my computer quickly became uncontrollable and completely infected. I solved the problem by restoring to an earlier date. 3 - On the cloud console, no events on my 5 computers since October 5 4 - On the cloud console, no more active schedules and no alerts about it 5 - I uninstalled an endpoint client from the console. The client is no longer there but the endpoint on the computer is still present and impossible to uninstall. 6 - How to start again and especially how to have effective and safe protection Thanks for your help 😉
  2. Hello. On my computer every time I go to www.cuisineaz.com a blocking message appears. Is it a threat? Thanks for your help. https://www.ac73.fr/divers/2018-10-20_12h46_39.png
  3. Hello everyone. One of my clients had this message on the screen accompanied by a voice. Can not fix the problem. Malwarebyte did not find anything and I had to perform a restore at an earlier date to remove it. (nothing in memory, no process found, nothing in the start menu etc ...) Why this attack was not intercepted?
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