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  1. Hello everyone, I use for more than 1 year Cloud console with NFR licenses to test the protection of 5 computers. I am very disappointed with the product and I would like to have some answers to my questions 1 - the antivirus interface on the user side is poor: No statistics, impossible to know the date of the last exchange between the endpoint client and the console (more access for several months without any warning on the cloud console side) 2 - I deliberately caused an infection on my computer to see the reaction on my computer and the endpoint client did not say anything. Yet m
  2. Hello. On my computer every time I go to www.cuisineaz.com a blocking message appears. Is it a threat? Thanks for your help. https://www.ac73.fr/divers/2018-10-20_12h46_39.png
  3. Hello everyone. One of my clients had this message on the screen accompanied by a voice. Can not fix the problem. Malwarebyte did not find anything and I had to perform a restore at an earlier date to remove it. (nothing in memory, no process found, nothing in the start menu etc ...) Why this attack was not intercepted?
  4. Hello, since 2 days my website is blocked. How to solve the problem ? Thanks. Manu
  5. Merci pour ton message. Ah, cela me surprend. Il n'assure donc pas une protection complète. Pourtant la comm de la société dit le contraire Et pour la protection usb il y a Kasperky qui fait très bien le travail. ça serait bien qu'un officiel de la marque confirme ce que vient de dire Pondus.
  6. Bonjour à toutes et à tous, Ce soir j'ai reçu sur ma messagerie un script qui semble infecter les clé usb. Il n'est toujours pas détecté par Malwarebytes voici le rapport de scan : Rapport de scan de Virus Total
  7. Yet Malwarebyte announced that since v3, the protection is complete and replaces an anti-virus.
  8. Thanks David. So Malwarebyte Premium and Endpoint Protection do not protect as well as we can hear! I am a Malwarebyte reseller and so I am frustrated with your answer. In my case, any solution ? with the money earned (40 € per computer) I can buy an external hard drive, install veeam agent and I will be quieter
  9. Hello. I had a computer infected with a usb key with the virus js / Agent.1592 (name Avira) and Endpoint protection found nothing. My computer has been infected. Neither Malwarebyte premium or adwcleaner found the virus. I had the same problem with avira free and with this software my computer was protected. How is this possible? Thanks for your help.
  10. Hello everyone. I currently test endpoint protection. I can not activate client notifications. When a virus, malware is detected and cleaned, how to view notifications on the client computer? Thank you for your help.
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