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  1. Interesting thread, and I don't know what to make of it...but I feel perfectly secure using Kaspersky Internet Explorer as my main protection, which is probably the best if not one of the best security suites out there (no...I could care less about the alleged Russian hacking on dod computers)  and Malwarebytes Premium as secondary protection.  I have noticed Malwarebytes prevents me from going to certain malicious websites at times so I know its doing something, and truth is, I doubt much will get by Kaspersky anyway.

    I've had bad experience with AV suites.  Started out with Iolo System Shield years ago, and it didn''t take long that I had to reinstall the operating system due to infections.  Then used Symantec on my Business server and workstations...it still updated definitions but apparently stopped updating the engines.  The results, after various experiences of my system being penetrated, turning off Symantec in the proces, once so bad that one of our computers was actually being used by a Hacker as a botnet, storing a thousand or so viruses.... I decided to go with the best.  Kaspersky is actually very reasonably priced if you buy an older year version and than update.  Malwarebytes I always used the free version, and it always found stuff that Symantec, etc. missed, including getting rid of those damn pups (that my wife always seemed to get).  I then picked up a malwarebytes lifetime premium license.

    So the bottom line to me... even well respected companies, like Symantec...screw up, but since using Kaspersky and Malwarebytes Premium for a few years now....NOTHING has gotten through, email ways, malicious website ways or any other ways.  Would Kaspersky be enough?  Probably... but I like the secondary protection from Malwarebytes.  Kaspersky is not perfect... as Total Virus has told me, at times letting malicious links getting through the email scanner.  Of course, being wiser now, any suspicous Link I run through total virus... but I still feel better knowing that malwarebytes is there to catch something if I mistakenly click on a link that Kaspersky let through.

    I'm still steaming mad at Malwarebytes trashing my hard drive last month with its defective update...but I kind of suspect that it has revised its procedures and absent a rogue employee, that's not likely going to happen again... that cost me, so far, $300 for a new hard drive and the use of a tech and of course 1.5 days of lost productivity.



  2. Dcollins... I would like to send you logs, but the computer is with my Tech, and not sure I could have gotten it to spit out any logs anyway....At the end, I couldn't even boot up except in Safe mode.

    I can't state unequivocally the malwarebytes flaw caused the hard disk issues, but awfully coincidental that computer worked great when I signed out Friday and no longer worked due to all of the corruption when I signed in Monday morning.  HD sentinel said lots of bad sectors on the computer....already there or not I can't state for sure...but regardless, the corruption is requiring reinstallation of the operating system... the profile was corrupted and could not be restored, even restore points were gone.  Since my computer is custom built, there is no recovery disk and regardless, I don't have the technical expertise to create a profile and reconnect to the Server......so I have no choice but to go with a tech.

  3. Yep Bob...my computer non-recoverable.  I have a hybrid SDS drive that was destroyed.  My tech guy surmizes  the drive was trashed because it was in overdrive all weekend after the malwarebytes flaw was automatically installed....he tells me that SDS drives are wonderful for speed but they are not as durable as older hard drives and more subject to wearing out...My drive was about nine months old...we tried to recover  but the corruption ran too deep...even after cloning over to a newer hard drive...so he is reinstalling the operating system from scratch, will redo a profile, copy over the data, I will have to reinstall all of my programs, etc.  Not a fun time when I have so many deadlines at my office.  Right now, I am working off of my Server.

    I will say one thing....I have a few employees in my office but they are unaffected because only my computer had malwarebytes Premium.  I figured kaspersky was good enough for everybody else with a free malwarebytes scan from time to time.  Grateful for that....if my entire business had been closed down because of this....I would already have a lawsuit filed against Malwarebytes.




  4. Reading, I think I understand how my Hard drive was trashed.  Malwarebytes automatically installed its malware on Saturday, and the computer kept running all weekend with constant and continuous rewrites to the hard drive...which apparently damaged some sectors of the drive and causing corruption of essential files.

    I have never had an issue with security since I started using Kaspersky Internet protection.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of adding Malwarebytes as complimentary protection, but that was where I was at fault.  I didn't need Malwarebytes...should have recognized when its flawed 3.0 was introduced, that it was simply not big on quality control.

    And those of you who continually are blaming the customer, I suppose that is par for the course in our country.  Nobody accepts blame and accountability for their own actions.  Always blame the other guy.




  5. Somehow, this flaw has trashed my hard-drive.  It is less than one year old, and everything worked great through Friday evening.  Yesterday morning Computer eventually booted up into a black screen.  Did some research and found out about Malwarebytes flaw.  I managed to get to MB-clean and remove malwarebytes.  Still could not use computer.

    Called in my tech. He ran a program called HD Sentinal and found my hard drive was no longer any good.

    So I spent money on a new Hard Drive, and the tech copied over all data, but still profile is corrupt, etc., so tech is working on getting everything up today.

    So far this has cost me a full day of work, cost for a new hard drive, cost for the tech.  Literally thousands of dollars of time.

    Inexcusable quality control.

    Malwarebytes may pay the piper on this one..... if I were it, I would not bank on the license agreement protecting it from what was obviously gross negligence on its part.  And imagine if One Hundred Thousand customers individually sued it for damages in their local small claim courts?  It would not be pretty.

  6. I added some additional exclusions to Kaspersky which I saw on another post...maybe that will solve the problem?  Could Kaspersky have been interfering with Malwarebytes Anti-Ransom?  Kaspersky has its own... through its System Watcher.  I know Malwarebytes says you don't need another antivirus....but too many files Malwarebytes ignores, like email, until the malware becomes active and I would rather remove the malware before it become active.  That's one thing I like about Kaspersky... scans outlook's inbox before you open the mail.

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