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  1. One other thing... advice from CR: free is fine for most people as long as you (my paraphrasing) don't do anything wrong.......LOL..... don't know who authored CR's article but plainly they had a neophyte doing the job. Shopping Tips and Safety Measures Free is fine for most people. As long as you surf safely—that is, you never download software from unfamiliar sites (these downloads might carry malicious software) or click on email links to access bank or other personal accounts (these links are favorite tools for cyberthieves)—the free antivirus programs we recommend should adequately protect you. Make sure Windows firewall is on to help block malware and keep malicious websites from grabbing data off your computer.
  2. But on the $28.50 malware premium rating, it says as follows for Startup Repair: (two different ratings online...which is newer...not sure. Startup repair provides a way to recover when malware stops your PC from booting, even if you haven't created a repair disc with the software.
  3. I went to the ratings, (I have a subscription) and now CR is rating malwarebytes poorly and claims it costs $60.00: OVERALL SCORE36 3480 ADD TO COMPARE Malwarebytes Premium antivirus software PRICE $60.00 Shop 1 1 ReviewWrite a Review 36 Malwarebytes Premium antivirus software $60.00 ADD TO COMPARE Ratings Features & Specs User Reviews Price & Shop Ratings Scorecard Protection Fair On access Fair On demand Fair Ease of use Good Messages/Interface Very Good Help Poor Anti-malware Good Use of resources Very Good Highs Nothing noteworthy Lows Does not have informative help Does not have a firewall Does not have a spam filter Does not have a parental filter Does not have a password manager Does not have back-up Does not have e-mail protection CRs Take Malwarebytes Premium 2018 is a premium antivirus package that brings together its anti-malware, anti-exploit and anti-ransomware services into one new package. This package supports 3 devices and can run on Windows, MacOS, and Android operating systems. Unfortunately it conflicts with Windows 10 Defender. After a week or so it stopped using its own antivirus scanner and reverted to the Windows 10 Defender software without notifying the user. Our test results reflect the Malwarebytes antivirus engine which actually scored lower than the Windows Defender engine. Overall this is a package you should not purchase. About A fee-based antivirus suite for Windows X. A renewal fee is required each year. Features & Specs Specs Manufacturer's website https://www.malwarebytes.com/lp/sem/en/ Concise help No Included firewall No Spam filter No Parental filter No Banking Protection No Tune-up function No Password manager No Anti-spyware Yes Anti-ransomware Yes Backup No E-mail protection No
  4. I generally like Consumer Reports, but this was a particularly poorly written article...For example, it made no effort to distinguish between the various programs it tested...example....kaspersky antivirus vs. internet security, etc., made it seem like paying only gave you a few minor perks (never again will I go with a free antivirus...I am willing to pay for things like Kaspersky's System Watcher....) and it was amusing it rated malwarebytes firewall as "fair"? If Malwarebytes has a firewall, I must be the last to know: Scorecard Threat blocking Very Good Malware scan Fair Firewall Fair USB drive threats Fair Anti-phishing Fair Response to threats Poor Ease of use Fair Use of resources Very Good Highs •Used with Windows Defender, very good at blocking most Web threats •Better than Defender at detecting malware execution Lows •Not as easy to use as most •Weak at detecting malware in a scan •Requires restarting to complete disinfection •Not good at blocking phishing Websites •Lacks parental filter and spam filter CRs Take Malwarebytes' Premium version isn't meant as a standalone Internet protection product. We tested it with the default Windows Defender enabled, and it did not fare as well as Windows' own protections overall. About A fee-based anti-malware suite for Windows. A renewal fee is required each year. Features & Specs Features Informative help No Clear warnings No Specs Manufacturer's website www.malwarebytes.com Startup repair No Spam filter No Parental filter No
  5. I still have issues with Kaspersky blocking Malwarebytes memory processes. I have all of the exclusions and all modules on Malwarebytes indicate they are working, yesterday in fact it blocked access to a website due to "malware" that kaspersky gave me the Green light on....still, don't know exactly what Malwarebytes cannot do due to the blocking. At any rate, I am sticking with Kaspersky as my primary defense....I consider Malwarebytes secondary protection.
  6. An apology? What are you a child....and why should malwarebytes apologize when it has no idea if it is responsible? They also asked you for logs and you didn't supply them. Are they supposed to guess? Corporate America...typical arrogance
  7. Thanks, I downloaded the application and internet seems to be much faster now. I do want to mention that when I tried to download the update, it indicated there were no updates, so I used the Clean tool and removed malwarebyes and reinstalled...it still reinstalled the component version before the very latest. I tried downloading again from settings and again I was told no updates...so I paused Kaspersky protection which also turned off the kaspersky firewall... and it downloaded and updated fine. I have all of the exclusions in Kaspersky and malwarebytes is a trusted program in Kaspersky application control, so I am not sure why the firewall, apparently, was preventing the download of the update. But those using Kaspersky...you may want to note.
  8. Okay, I downloaded 19...and now I am finding web traffic is much slower to load...so for now rather than turn off anything in Kaspersky, I will exit from Malwarebytes....Parenthetically, when I insalled 19, I did so over 18 so all of the previous exclusions in 18 are now in 19...will just wait for the Kaspersky patch.
  9. Can you explain this further..... why is not updating to kaspersky 2019 a bad idea... is 2019 any more secure than 2018? I get there may be a few differences based on what I have read...but nothing substantive when it comes to preventing malware infections.
  10. Well if everything is working with KIS 2018 and Malwarebytes, what is the rush to convert to KIS 2019 and possibly lose some of the protections you otherwise have? Makes no sense to me. I'll probably wait for a few months myself while any bugs are being worked out. I can't believe I have any less protection by staying with 2018 for a while instead of migrating to 2019 so soon. Nothing seems to get by the combination of KIS 2018 and Malwarebytes.....the only mishap I had...was malwarebytes itself when it trashed my hard drive, I believe back in January?
  11. I have a question for you Root Admin, how many years does it take to accumulate 69,910 posts. 100 posts a day still takes almost two years of posting. How is that even possible?
  12. I went to your Link Exile, and it is still only version 18 available to download right now. It suggested I continue on with my version of Kaspersky which is Total Security 18. Besides, I probably would want to give 19 some time for them to work out the bugs before installing. 18 has never allowed an infection through to my computer, nor did 17, or 16 for that matter.
  13. I would never turn off Kaspersky application control, which I believe is integrated with "system watcher"...that is what will stop ransomware, etc. from running on your computer if it happens to get on your system somehow.....I believe it is an invaluable tool for Kaspersky....and as I understand it will prevent programs from automatically running unknowingly in the background unless in the trusted zone by Kaspersky. I rely on Kaspersky as my first line of defense.... I consider Malwarebytes a secondary, cleanup operation in case something somehow gets past Kaspersky. So far Malwarebytes has prevented me from accessing certain websites that Kaspersky ignored, and on at least two occasions notified me it had blocked exploits.. I assume if Malwarebytes had not done so however, Kaspersky would have.
  14. I have the same issue and the same blocking by Kaspersky 2018 despite having enabled all of the malwarebytes exclusions. Not only Malwarebytes, but System Mechanic too. In both cases, Kasperksy is blocking activity going on in memory...I am guessing given fileless malware, that Kaspersky is taking a proactive approach and anything suspicious in memory will be blocked regardless of exclusions. Best I can tell though, Malwarebytes is still working normally.
  15. I have Kaspersky Total Security as well as Malwarebytes Premium running in the background, with all of the recommended exclusions for Malwarebytes in Kaspersky. Is there a problem with both exploit protections running at the same time? I have noticed that Kaspersky occasionally blocks some sort of Malicious Download, and a few times, Malwarebytes has notified me it has blocked an exploit. So can running them both together reduce the protection of each, and which program will have the priority of stopping or blocking an exploit? Either Or? Thanks.
  16. I was trying to reach some sensortech forums to review articles that were of interest. Malwarebytes repeatedly blocks for "Fraud". Is this by chance a false positive? Kaspersky gives me a green go ahead on the browser. Thanks.
  17. Got to say, I don't know how anybody can keep track of all of the what must be millions of websites out there for those that have malicious activity going on. .. . . or maybe you concentrate on the most active websites? that would make sense.
  18. I am curious how Malwarebytes flags a website as potentially malicious. I clicked on a google search link that Kaspersky gave a clear indicator, and malwarebytes blocked access because of a potential malicious threat. Is this something that Malwarebytes preselects and adds to a database, or is malwarebytes somehow automatically able to detect malicious activity on a website before your browser even opens it? TIA for any info. Because these threats are constantly evolving right and any website is potentially vulnerable?
  19. went to geeks to download a utility.. exploit protection notification of memory malicious protection. . . malware.agent.exploit. generic. I assume there is nothing I need to do at this point as the exploit was stopped in its tracks? (Also have kaspersky...which notified me of nothing, so I am assuming malwarebytes beat it to the punch?)
  20. """""I'm good friends with the main Researcher that maintains the database and I know how dedicated he is to his work, how little he sleeps and how passionate he is about thwarting the efforts of those who would use the web for ill and he is very good at what he does. Not only that, but just recently (a couple years ago or so) he finally got some help when Malwarebytes hired on some additional staff to maintain the web protection database. """" I always assumed there is one company out there whose sole funciton is to keep track of malicious websites and who then sells that information to all other Anti-malware security companies. That would make a lot more sense to me than every individual AV company trying to keep track itself...and I also thought to a good degree malware detection on malicious websites was pretty much automated at this point? You mean there are people employed by malwarebytes who are constantly scanning the web looking to add malicious websites to a black listed data base? Wow.
  21. Interesting thread, and I don't know what to make of it...but I feel perfectly secure using Kaspersky Internet Explorer as my main protection, which is probably the best if not one of the best security suites out there (no...I could care less about the alleged Russian hacking on dod computers) and Malwarebytes Premium as secondary protection. I have noticed Malwarebytes prevents me from going to certain malicious websites at times so I know its doing something, and truth is, I doubt much will get by Kaspersky anyway. I've had bad experience with AV suites. Started out with Iolo System Shield years ago, and it didn''t take long that I had to reinstall the operating system due to infections. Then used Symantec on my Business server and workstations...it still updated definitions but apparently stopped updating the engines. The results, after various experiences of my system being penetrated, turning off Symantec in the proces, once so bad that one of our computers was actually being used by a Hacker as a botnet, storing a thousand or so viruses.... I decided to go with the best. Kaspersky is actually very reasonably priced if you buy an older year version and than update. Malwarebytes I always used the free version, and it always found stuff that Symantec, etc. missed, including getting rid of those damn pups (that my wife always seemed to get). I then picked up a malwarebytes lifetime premium license. So the bottom line to me... even well respected companies, like Symantec...screw up, but since using Kaspersky and Malwarebytes Premium for a few years now....NOTHING has gotten through, email ways, malicious website ways or any other ways. Would Kaspersky be enough? Probably... but I like the secondary protection from Malwarebytes. Kaspersky is not perfect... as Total Virus has told me, at times letting malicious links getting through the email scanner. Of course, being wiser now, any suspicous Link I run through total virus... but I still feel better knowing that malwarebytes is there to catch something if I mistakenly click on a link that Kaspersky let through. I'm still steaming mad at Malwarebytes trashing my hard drive last month with its defective update...but I kind of suspect that it has revised its procedures and absent a rogue employee, that's not likely going to happen again... that cost me, so far, $300 for a new hard drive and the use of a tech and of course 1.5 days of lost productivity.
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