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  1. I don't know, as I wasn't expecting an initial update check. (Anyhow the previous version didn't have this issue, and I always ran the scan after manually updating and then unplugging from the Internet.) I do know that it ran to completion and reported no infections. Nevertheless, I just ran another scan with version 3, this time making sure not to unplug the Internet until after a check appeared in the update step. No problems this time, soI guess it was "operator error." Thanks for your excellent support. Sorry to waste your time. -- JClarkW
  2. 1) That wouldn't be so bad, but I don't know what this was then: I started a custom scan, verified it was running, unplugged Internet, went to bed. Next morning Malwarebytes free was complaining as described above and could not be shut down. 2) Thanks! I should have found that myself. 3) You are right! I fooled myself somehow, perhaps by killing the service before killing the tray icon.
  3. New free version 3 adds lots of components that I don't want for on-demand scanning. While the previous version was very user-friendly, this one expects constant Internet connection, leaves a service and a try icon running, and no doubt has other problems I haven't discovered yet. I'm running Windows 7 SP1. I've used Malwarebytes free for years as an occasional on-demand scanner to supplement my less capable real-time scanner, especially after engaging in potentially risky behavior like downloading new Subaru GPS map updates from an Eastern-European company. Last night I ran the previo
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