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  1. Malwarebytes, I believe falsely, identified Digikam (digiKam-5.5.0-01-Win64.exe install package) as Ransomware. DigiKam was downloaded from https://www.digikam.org/download/ on 10/10/17, installed and seems to be working fine for a whole day of usage without Malwarebytes being alarmed. In DigiKam, when I began the task of tagging a selected group of 344 JPG files with a single keyword tab, the process got through 10 or 15 files before it appeared to crash. (no trace of program, and no messages). In about 10 seconds, Malwarebytes issued a notification that it had detected Ransomware and had stopped the program, and named DigiKam. Indeed, no attempt to run DigiKam again worked. No messages about the incident were in Malwarebytes quarantine log. Has this been noted elsewhere? Where are the logs that show this incident? How can I tell Malwarebytes to no longer do this? Thanks in advance.
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