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  1. AdvancedSetup A MalwareBytes program update to Version came out, so I did it instead of the " mb_clean " Update appears to be working for last 2 days using Windows 7. Am I correct in assuming the version update fixed the problem and I don not need to run the " mb_clean " ? Frank2849
  2. AdvancedSetup I will give it a try maybe tomorrow though........I'm in the process of moving which makes it difficult to find computer time. Frank2849
  3. AdvancedSetup I am still here. Just waiting for my solution to the problem. I read a lot of people run the " mb_clean " and reinstall most of them are Windows 10. I am Windows 7 should I try " mb_clean " also. I was hoping staff would come back and tell me what my solution is or give me a idea of when the next update is, that is suppose to fix the problem. Frank2849
  4. nikhils I have tried the turn MB off then back on, I have seen in other posts, but it does not help(Windows 7)! I read, in OTHER post, you found the problem and should fix problem in next update can you tell me when that will be? SHOULD I try " Porthos Posted Sunday at 05:29 am" fix........ using "mb_clean" I see other posts to other people but do not see any updates to me. Frank2849
  5. I don't know what I am suppose to do. Is the problem being worked on? Will somebody get back with me? I have used Malwarebyte for a loooooooooong time with out any problem. One time I had some Malware and Malwarebytes took me step by step to fix the problem. That was great! I don't know what I am suppose to do now! Does Malwarebytes just leave you hanging or do they eventually fix the problem and a update corrects the problem. Can someone give me some advice? Please! Frank2849
  6. nikhils Did what you requested waited for a little while ?30 seconds? Malwarebytes just did the same thing when tried to activate web protection button turned green and the word "Starting..." appeared. "Starting" never went away. This is the same result as trying to activate with ESET active. So result of test was ESET disabled Malwarebytes web protection still could not be activated Frank2849
  7. nikhils I am NOT a power user I have no idea how to turn ESET off. Can you tell me a simple way to turn ESET off AND TURN ESET BACK ON I ran some program Firefox requested and sent in the results. Is this a question as a result of Firefox request? Frank 2849
  8. nikhils Have not done that. Are you hoping ESET turn off will allow Malwarebytes to fix itself? Frank2849
  9. Firefox Attached is the zip file you requested thank for your help mb-check-results.zip
  10. I have the same problem ! I am a Premium user Windows 7 64 bit Malwarebytes Web Protection keeps turning off and turning it on it just sits with the "starting" message
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