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  1. I tried sending the report from the tablet . It defaults to using signal rather than email and shows a ~2000 line secure message but nothing happens when I hit "send" . Can I pull the report as a file with say adbfs and just email it directly ? I thought the "send report" was supposed to give me options ? peter
  2. Thanks for the reply. For now I'm mostly worried about the trojans. I've googled to try and find out more about them but haven't found anything specific. I'd like to make sure they are not false Malwarebytes positives before I try to remove them with adb -k --user 0 ( which may or may not do the trick )
  3. I have a cheap tablet with Android 6 on it . I scanned it with Malwarebytes when I got it and it was clean but this week it reported 4 problems. It removed one without any problems ( don't know the name - it was in chinese ... ) , flags another ( PUP.riskware.autoins.fota ( UpgradeSys ) ) but refuses to remove two trojans ( trojan.agent.amp ( reanimation ) and trojan.syringe.t ( com.aosp.crystax ) since they are both classified as system apps. The "disable" buttons are greyed out and they restart immediately after a "force stop" . Should I try removing all 3 with adb -k -user 0 ? peter
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