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  1. Well So far so good with my clients. I wanted to wait a while and see. Also on one of the newer computer builds I notice the system is working smoother. I thought it was some of the other older software, but apparently this patch helped.
  2. Disable web protection and if still have an issue disable ransom ware protection. Realtime does not seem to be an issue. Or you can downgrade as explained by others.
  3. Totally understand, but seems to be some random plus software and who knows whatelse involved =(. Another irony my brothers network is on same LAN network range and experiences it infrequently. Now one big difference and it makes me wonder I am noticing (could be another coincidence. ) Connections on High end routers with low traffic seem to have less lockups. Is his home network low traffic and the one at work high? This is one thing I keep noticing and I don't feel is a coincidence.
  4. First computer to report having an issue (ironically) in my case is running on "192.168.x.x/24" . Yes the computers seem to act up more on startup. Or seem to crash after long period of stable idle. Or if you load up certain networking programs (game or applications etc.) it locks up. I am wondering if certain ports trigger it.
  5. Crash happens on any computer running windows 7. It just takes time before it crashes. Even my brother who was not having the issue is now having the issue and found a particular network game that causes it to crash every time. I dont think its hardware related. Seems to be definitely network related though.
  6. I honestly don't think it is an windows update related issue. (Wow, never thought id say those words :P) I originally went that route even checked for the update that was later announced to check. Some of my clients had it and had the issue. Some of my clients that did not have the patch had the issue. Its all over the place with hardware & drivers as well. I am almost beginning to think that this bug manifest over time with some bug with networking & combination of web browsers themselves. Seems computer idle for long period or sudden hard use from idle crashes it.
  7. YOu can always use the malwarebytes browser extension for web protection. So far whatever effecting malware bytes does not seem to effect the web extension plugin
  8. As I look at this closer, I am begining to thing that the windows 7 computers that are not freezing are actually being slowed down by the same bug. I have now check a few computers working and a lot smoother operation (slight pauses when opening web browser (More then it use to be.)etc.) with normal task disabling ransom web protection. Has anyone else notice this or checked non crashing windows 7 computers for performance?
  9. Yes, as some of the computers are custom built. I have not found anything that seems similar with hardware to this issue. As some are on intel some are on amd cpus. Some are on older cpus some are on newer. Its all over the place on the hardware part. On software installed most of my clients use MB for AV exclusively.
  10. Its far more then 1% of your users experiencing this. Most are just not realizing its MB. Or yelling at their local IT which is then disabling what needs to be disabled so you never get the call or email. calls alone I am experiencing and others shows a far wider issue from this patch then your thinking. Windows 7 is still quite largely used especially in business. As its not happening on my local computer here. I will see if I can get a clients computer I can work the above file on to help. This message really needed to be here a week ago though. As I have already had to make changes to keep my clients going. I cant have them crashing and locking up. =(. Thanks for a response and please keep us updated. I really torn on what is happening here as I have always been a big on offering your product. EDIT I can confirm though that seems quickbooks 2007+ may be one of the issues crashing it as to many of the clients with issues have quickbooks. Nothing else seems to be similar and this is not issue with any other AV combination as the clients with issues use MB exclusively.
  11. I appreciate the information Arbrich , but NIC in most of the machines that I have the issue do not have Intel chipsets in them. (so perhaps some other NIC have the same issue? ) Infact most of them with the issue are currently running Realtech . I am beginning to wonder though if a clean uninstall with MB trouble shooter and reinstall helps or not? Has anyone tried that? I hate to Ginnie pig my clients. Myself most my computers anymore are running Linux or windows 10 and the one computer with windows 7 on it I cannot duplicate the issue on it.
  12. Based of of the Clients I have had call me and their configurations it does not appear to be hardware. As some of the builds are completely different in age and brands of hardware from each other. My brother runs windows 7 as well as my mom and they seem to be so far uneffected. Customer wise I am getting call a day of another person effected. On top of ones I discovered the first day. so far all of them are running windows 7. Have not been able to figure out anything obvious and have enough to now to look at software and hardware. Which has pointed to nothing obvious. Hardware though does not appear to be whats triggering it. (maybe a driver) Software is far more complex and nothing obvious sadly. Perhaps why they are taking a bit to track this down.
  13. Wow I thought their be a reply to this thread by now so we know atleast their looking into it. (My files above as figure best if all in one thread.) I can confirm that sense uninstalling MB the windows 7 computer has not crashed sense. my log file you guys need is in the previous post above.
  14. I am having similar issues with a client using MB on windows 7 and so far it has not had the issue with MB disabled. The issue did start after upgrading MB to component package 1.0.508. this computer has been running MB for years and the only other time it had an issue was when that buggy update was released that was using up all the memory on computers. Hard to know how wide spread this is. As most my clients are on windows 10 at this point or on Linux. mbst-grab-results.zip
  15. try this if you have not already. First quit Malwarebytes from system tray . 1. Open up a command prompt as Administrator 2. Type in (without quotes) "sc delete mbamwebprotection" 3. Reboot computer 4. Enable Web protection from MBAM UI
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