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  1. try this if you have not already. First quit Malwarebytes from system tray . 1. Open up a command prompt as Administrator 2. Type in (without quotes) "sc delete mbamwebprotection" 3. Reboot computer 4. Enable Web protection from MBAM UI
  2. Telliege

    Website Blocked

    have you updated to the latest version of MB? As their was a bug yesterday that was blocking pratically the entire WWW. Looking over your site it could be a false positive that some reported which in that case youll want to report to get removed. here is the appropriate area for that. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/123-website-blocking/ PS Looking at your website Its interesting what your working on. Would actually like to chat with you on it sometime.
  3. Telliege

    I'm a Worried..

    Yeah you must of did a refresh? When you do that it moves that stuff to a folder called windows.old . You will have to reinstall the programs but the data should still be their in windows.old. Let me know if you find you have a c:/windows.old if you do I can help you out.
  4. I would go into the compatibility settings and change it back to default. Windows anytime it sees an issue will start trying to find ways around it.
  5. If I understand you correctly, you can deactivate the license on your old computer and then activate it on another. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1037 If you dont have access to the old computer to deactivate it youll need to open a ticket with them.
  6. You having issues with the patch? With malware bytes re enabling after the patch?
  7. Yeah, lol I woke up to my customers I service all calling with issue that they cant get anything to work. Was really nice when the patch came out that most of them had the issue fixed without me doing anything.
  8. Telliege

    can't turn on web protection

    First quit Malwarebytes from system tray . 1. Open up a command prompt as Administrator 2. Type in (without quotes) "sc delete mbamwebprotection" 3. Reboot computer 4. Enable Web protection from MBAM UI This has helped some people with this issue hope this helps you out =)
  9. Cool, hope that corrects your issue & thanks for updating me where your at =).
  10. here is the best way to check it. Hold the Windows Key, while pressing “R” to bring up the Run dialog box. Type “services.msc“, then press “Enter“. The Services window displays. Find “Superfetch” in the list. Right-click “Superfetch“, then select “Properties“. then disabled it so it wont autostart back up again.
  11. The update works, I have had to install it on over a dozen of my own local customers computers today. Crazy bug, but hearing now a report from another A/V so might be more of a bug related to a needed fix now. Anyways understand your concerns, so figure id give you what I have personally experienced.
  12. Please update me on what happens. As I use this information for helping my local customers etc. Superfetch should never be on with an SSD so turning it off if its on regardless should actually up your performance =).
  13. I have 2 clients in past that used Webroot and MB and I never saw that issue. So I was to guess I don't think its Webroot AV. So sorry, I was hoping I might have known a solution to your issue =(. You running MB version 2 or the new 3? If your on windows 10 it could be superfetch causing the issues. Its not suppose to be on with SSD, but I have found it turned on many times. I understand its working better without MB, but the way it determines to fetch files from what it sees loading can cause really odd issues. Just an idea thinking off of what i've found in the past. Best of luck
  14. Well, waking up to phone calls from my clients. I can tell you that MB had an issue from their update. I wonder if Avast has a similar bug in their update as well? I personally find that combination of MB with Microsoft security essentials active is a good combination (windows defender etc on name depending on version.) Anymore I find MB seems to detect faster then most of their competition so I generally use it as the main. The free version of AVG has worked well in past for me to, but have not been using that on clients much anymore unless requested.
  15. Telliege

    I'm a Worried..

    What version of windows are you running frank on the computer that wont boot up. Id be happy give you some suggestions I fix computers for a living. Also, You can recover your data without the computer booting up to windows. One of the easier ways is to make a bootable linux flash drive DVD or hiren DVD and access the drive that way to copy it all over to an external drive. If need details on any of that feel free to PM me and ill send you some links to some tutorials. Really hate seeing anyone having issues that bad over anything =(. So hope that helps. And thisissu wrote if you can get into safemode may help.

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