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  1. I keep seeing this commercial for darkweb scans. It just seems like a scam to companys, I'm guessing it can scan the onion layers for keywords but even if your info was stolen and floating through the darkweb how does that help if they can not pinpoint it to a IP from which it was stolen. SO what i'm saying is this company just created a macro on server in which its connected through a tor browser scanning for keywords in which they themselves get info from the companys cache files and while scanning the darkweb for the info. seems counter productive because that company now can sell that info on the darkweb without the other companys knowledge.
  2. the windows 10 exploit for the creators edition. Just reinstalled windows and didn't want to restart but it did on its own. but just need help removing it and then getting it off my MacBook air which currently doesn't want to reinstall its OS X FRST.txt MBAMex.txt Addition.txt
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